1. Yalides

    Over priced

    I hear a local hostelry is now charging 9TL for an efes and 45TL for a steak. No wonder they are always empty if they think marina prices are going to rub off on them......
  2. M

    Good reasonably priced accountant in the Yali/ Bodrum area?

    Simple question. Tricky one to find a good answer... maybe? Can any of you reccommend from experience or contacts a competent accountant who won't sting you for every penny (apols.. lire!) in the Yali/ Bodrum area?
  3. J

    Where to get reasonably priced pet food

    Hi there, just wondered if anyone can recommend anywhere that's reasonably priced for pet food in Didim. We have been going to the same place for years, but just wondered if there is anywhere particular that people can recommend. Many thanks.
  4. C

    Average priced gas bill

    Hi guys, Two of my friends share a flat in the Gaziemir district of Izmir. A few days ago, they received a gas bill for 211TYL from 8th of Jan to 8th of Feb. To me, this seemed really pricey!! I know we've had some chilly weather over the last month but what is the average price you pay? Is...
  5. L

    Buying a reasonable priced LCD near Altinkum

    We are hoping to buy an LCD for the newly purchased apartment when we go in 3 weeks time. I hear that the prices are quite high though. Has anyone got any tips on purchasing a reasonably priced 32inch LCD please. In or around Altinkum. Thanks!
  6. N

    Low priced car for sale

    I have a 1993 Fiat-Tofas 124 saloon for sale and wondered if anyone out there needs a good run-about.. Its the Serce model 1300cc petrol and only 40YTL a year to tax..Mot is not due until 19/06/2010 as its just been done and the emissions are due 29/02/2009 so plenty of time left there! Taxed up...
  7. B

    over priced

    Is it me or do you think that the price of property in yalikavak is now out priced I am looking to purchase but I am alarmed at the number of apartments & villas that are still for sale & on the market from last year. Or am I to look at a dicount of 10 to 20%.
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