1. Tenpin

    News House price index up 12 percent

    House price index up 12 percent Extract: The Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) increased monthly by 12.4 percent in May, while it recorded an annual increase of 145.5 percent in nominal terms and 41.1 percent in...
  2. Tenpin

    News Average house price exceeds 1 mln Turkish Liras

    Average house price exceeds 1 mln Turkish Liras Extract: In the face of rising construction costs and strong demand, house prices in Turkey have increased by 147 percent in April from a year ago. Average...
  3. R

    Noter price for ruhsat

    Anyone know the cost to change the ruhsat when you purchase a scooter? Is it a flat fee?
  4. M

    Price of a new mattress

    Hi, I need to get a new double size mattress, anyone got any idea of prices please and the best place to buy one. Thanks
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Half price petfood

    Now is the time to stock up on petfood. 50% off in Migros until the end of the month.
  6. yalimart

    Price of a pint of EFES in Surrey ?

    What's the going rate for a pint in your neck of the woods ? And they wonder why pubs are closing. Where is the most expensive place to buy a pint? (It's not London) Where is the most expensive place to buy a pint? (It's not London) Martin
  7. S

    Whats Average price for a flat antalya?

    Hi guys. Whats the average price or a flat that has tv and all other living necesaty ? Just clean flat and in nice place in antalya As you know hotel are expensive so i would appreciate if you tell me the average price thank you
  8. S

    Price comparisons

    Still getting my head around price comparisons between here and Turkey/home On a subject close to many TLFers hearts-carry out beer Stocking up fridge yesterday and bought 36 Heineken 440ml £8.60 Sterling
  9. S

    Great Price trip

    Now I KNOW Turkeys much further away so I KNOW that's why it's dearer etc and I am NOT slagging Turkey in any way, just highlighting purely from a cash perspective how cheap I find access to my new spot For me two return flights £500 plus 2 weeks car hire £250 in Turkey , whereas I just booked...
  10. S

    Great Price or What!!!

    What about that for a weeks car hire!!!! Prepaid Voucher Booking Ref.: DKL-19614786 Name: Mr Philip ******* Collection Information Please, collect your car from the GOLDCAR RENT A CAR office which is located in Alicante Airport Arrivals Hall. Booking...
  11. hijo

    half price pet food..

    ...... Half price pet food in Migros until 12 October,i expect the same all over Turkey)
  12. suzyq

    SGK Price?

    Can anyone tell me how much it costs for SGK please as it July the price will have gone up?
  13. BjornAndMahnaz

    Maintenance price

    Hi We are to sign a three year maintenance agreement and want to check if 1500 £ per year is a reasonable price in Akbuk for taking care of garden, pool and repainting the house every fifth year? Thankful for any information.
  14. W

    shops rent price rates in istanbuel

    Dear All i want to know what the rate of rent prices of shops , especially in Electrical market Best wishes
  15. T

    Fracking - Is it worth the Price!!!

    As evacuations in California reach record levels of people escaping toxic gasses being pumped into the air; is 'Fracking' a valuable or Destructive device in the worlds search for a solution to our energy supplies??? As's Claire Bernish details, methane gas continues spewing...
  16. S

    UK house price crash.

    Interesting article in the Telegraph yesterday predicting a UK house price crash. Blaming for example interest rate rises, Big foreign buyers pulling out, buy to rent market collapsing, tough economic times ahead.
  17. Tenpin

    SGK Price Increase 2016

    Hi For all those who are part of the SGK healthcare scheme.... Just checked on SGKs system and the monthly healthcare payment has increased from 305 TL to 395 TL. Garry
  18. Billy Joe

    What price Jeremy out on his bum.

    I wonder what price Hilary Benn is to be the next labour leader,very soon.
  19. paddington bear

    Half price pet food

    Migros (and probably other large supermarkets) are doing half price pet food and dog treats. Migros started today and finishes on the 12th October, I stocked up on dog and cat food to the tune of 204 tl and will be going back for more !!!! This is for world animal day which is on the 4th...
  20. H

    Price of petrol & diesel (September '15)

    Can anyone tell me the cost of a litre of petrol and diesel at the moment in Turkey please.
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