1. immac

    Rust Prevention

    I´m looking for something like Waxoyl to protect vehicle against rust. Waxoyl is available in Turkey but the cost is stupid (roughly 5 times the UK cost for the Waxoyl and 1094TL for the applicator, which is around £20 in UK). So, I will not be buying that. But I want something like it to use...
  2. Holty

    Mosquito bite prevention

    Anybody got any useful tips to stop mosquito bites? SWMBO is a proverbial pin cushion at the moment..
  3. merlin

    Prevention far better.... Rather than post in an existing thread I think this deserves a little place on its own. This post is purely knowledge I have gained whilst living here..... just food for thought. The practise of renting and occupying vacant...
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