1. mollag

    Oh you Pretty Things.

    An interesting article for the over sixties [age not IQ] They are still working, Phil May has a berth in Gumusluk and I did have a chat with Phil May, in May in the Mars Cafe, a nice down to earth bloke...
  2. bickern

    Scotland will have to quit the sterling if it votes for independence next year

    Scotland will be forced to quit the sterling if it votes for independence next year, the Scottish secretary has warned. Alistair Carmichael said the country could not guarantee a currency union with the UK after becoming independent. It is the most prevalent warning yet for Scottish voters to...
  3. Yalides

    Pretty stupid questions

    What happens when you get 'half scared to death' twice? Is it true cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny? If all the world's a stage, where does the audience sit? It it's tourist season why can't we shoot them? Why are the alphabets in the order that they are? Is it...
  4. P

    Two very pretty and cute female adolescent cats

    Two very pretty and cute, female, adolescent cats just one year old on 25th Sept - Jennie and Jonnie (the girls) Intelligent, clean - used to life indoors and out doors. They answer to their name ,are amusing,extremely loving and would make great companions/pets. Owner currently has 1 dog...
  5. S

    Pretty villa looking for cat lover

    I still have a pretty three bedroomed villa to rent in Turgutreis to an animal lover, on specially agreed terms, as the person who agreed to rent it from the end of this week, today decided to return to England. I am at the moment in Turgutreis but will be leaving THIS THURSDAY 22nd October...
  6. T

    Clarification of hab and update pretty please!

    Hello, I have loads of questions, so apologies for length of post, We are due to go out to our villa in a couple of weeks, the villa is on a site of 10 detached villas all with own pools and one of them. So would they be classed individually ? we have parcel no 7, on our Tapu (Irtafaki). Also...
  7. MISSC2000

    Some Advise.... Pretty please

    Do you know of....... ..
  8. Rainey

    Pretty Bright Pink Flower

    Hi Again, can anyone tell me what that bright pink plant bush is that you see around I think it may be wild, as you see it out in the sticks as well as in peoples gardens and it is so so pretty, I have a photo but cannot put it on here!!!
  9. L

    Makeing Alanya pretty

    Floral decorations in Alanya The Alanya Parks Department have started to set up new floral decorations around Alanya. Special basket type containers have been bought for the open area in front of the Town Council offices. Similar containers will be used in the centre of Alanya so that there will...
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