1. R

    blood pressure medication i Turkey

    My wife and I will be leaving the uk , and starting a new life in turkey. We will hopefully be ready to move by early next year. I just didn't realise how much work there is involved. I'm sure that the members on here will help answer some of the many questions we will be asking over the next...
  2. G

    High Blood Pressure - Medication

    My UK GP has put me on LOSARTAN POTASSIUM 100mg TABLETS for High Blood Pressure. I need to obtain the Turkish equivalent here in Alanya. Can anyone please tell me what I have to ask the Pharmacist for? I have looked on Ilacabak but they all seem to mention dextrose or be for IV use. Thank you.
  3. S

    Pressure washer

    Hi, does anyone know where we can get a pressure washer to clean out our pool in the Bodrum area please and what sort of price we'd be looking at? Hubby checked them out last year before we moved and seems to think they are around 1200tl? Thanks Sara
  4. D

    tyre pressure info for a scooter?

    İ drive about on my scooter and i havent clue what pressure the tyres should be ?--the guy at the 'shop' over inflates them i think which makes it feel very skitish.---i last let him near the bike 10 months ago and it now feels fine but the tyre profile looks too low!--the book has no info*--Any...
  5. F

    Blood pressure

    Dose anyone know the web site address to check what medicines are available in Turkey i suffer from high blood pressure have done for years now i take ENAPRIL 20mg twice a day ( no problem there !) But the two im having trouble getting are DIBENZYLINE 10mg caps. (PHENOXYBENZAMINE) and MINOXIDIL...
  6. Peaceplant

    High Blood Pressure - natural treatments

    I have had high blood pressure for years and the funny thing is no matter which drugs the Dr gives me it doesn't ever get down to normal. To be fair I have a great Dr who has sent me for countless tests to find out where it stems from so we can get to the root instead of just treating the...
  7. M

    Water pressure tip

    Hi Unsure if this will help anyone but only cost pennies to try. After weeks of extremely low water pressure I took the filter out of the end of each tap spout and placed in acid. After a few minutes of soaking and fizzing I put them back on and hey presto fantastic water pressure. The reason...
  8. peter the postie

    High blood pressure

    Does anyone suffer from high bp? .. I went for a medical and mine is borderline high 141/90. I'm looking for any good tips or advice as to how to get it lower.
  9. SuperBogs

    NKorea launches rocket, defying world pressure

    By JEAN H. LEE and JAE-SOON CHANG, Associated Press Writers Jean H. Lee And Jae-soon Chang, Associated Press Writers – 30 mins ago SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea fired a rocket over Japan on Sunday, defying Washington, Tokyo and other world leaders who suspect the launch was cover for a test...
  10. P

    Habitation Certificate - via Government pressure

    I have had confirmation that my habitation certificate is through after 4 years. The builder would never give it and just blamed another brother. I hired a solicitor which I think was a waste of money. I didn't go through courts neither as one person didn't give me copy of tapu and contract...
  11. T

    Bosch Pressure Washer..and Lots

    Bosch Pressure Washer Good Condİtİon, Also Small Generator, Swİmmİng Pool Pump,washİng Machİne,tumble Dryer,computer Desk, Wall Unİts,GAS FİRE AND BOTTLE Lots Of Other İtems For Sale Just Call İ Could Have Somethİng You Need. 009 05386798348
  12. P

    Water Pressure

    could any members help we have an en-suite on our top floor but the water pressure is low how can we fix it[?]
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