1. Yalides

    Bestest christmas pressie.

    For me it would be VIP tickets to see AC/DC in concert anywhere in the world.
  2. tallulah

    Christmas Pressie's

    Seeing as Christmas is coming up fast...what are you all hoping for in the present department from your nearest and dearest? I'm hoping for world peace of course...but I know that's a really really really big I would quite like an ipod 2. Hints accordingly have been dropped.;)
  3. Sunny Seasider

    What is the best Gadget you've ever bought or been given as a Pressie?

    Well mine is drink related, (of course), my friend bought me a really good wine opener and it's still going strong after 8 years, had plenty of use too. It works like a vacum, you just pop the holder over the wine bottle, release the two handles and hey presto the cork is lifted. Nowadays there...
  4. P

    Ladies - Birthday Pressie Ideas

    Morning All I am not sure if I have posted this in the correct thread or not but... I am struggling to find a Birthday pressie for my friend who lives in Turkey. We own property in Altinkum but won't be going out until after her Birthday, so will be sending her pressie with a friend to...
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