1. teosgirl

    What the presidency means... Read it, absorb it. #Hayir Charlotte
  2. bal canavar

    Turkish Presidency race

    The MHP under Devlet Bacheli has asked Erdogan to resign his position as PM if he is putting his name up for the Presidential election as per the present constitution. (of which he took a oath of office to uphold ] So the elections can be a fair one without the legitimacy being called into...
  3. bickern

    Erdoğan closer to Turkish presidency

    13 September 2013 /REUTERS, ANKARA Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, accused of authoritarian rule at demonstrations in June, has taken a step towards what he hopes will be a stronger executive presidency after two senior politicians publicly backed him for the post. With less than a...
  4. Carolyn

    Erdogan a step closer to Presidency

    According to Reuters Erdogan is a step closer to the Presidency next year with the support of two senior AK party allies Bulent Arinc and Huseyin Celik Erdogan closer to Turkish presidency with allies' public backing | Reuters
  5. scotssteve

    Timetable for Presidency?

    Historic convention for Erdoðan, AKP - Hurriyet Daily News Is this the best estimate of Turkey's future President? What do you think TLF members? regards
  6. scotssteve

    Turkey to assume term presidency of G-20 in 2015

    Erdo?an, Obama discuss bilateral ties, regional issues at G-20 summit as part of this article, the announcement that Turkey will chair G20 in 2015 - thoughts please TLF members Is this recognition of the influence of Turkey as a major influence? regards
  7. Germaine

    Portuguese EU Presidency

    Support from the new President !! From Zaman Today. Turkish entry shared goal for EU, Portugal says Declaring "A Stronger Union for a Better World" as its motto for the rotating European Union presidency, new EU president Portugal has mildly warned France over its opposition to Turkey's...
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