1. D

    Xmas Presents.

    So what did everybody get for Christmas then.??? My family clubbed together to buy me a Voucher for some Clinic in Switzerland. Although, it looks like they could only afford a One Way Flight..
  2. Yalides

    Christmas presents

    Wonder if I can afford one of these for Christmas ?
  3. bal canavar

    Suggestions of presents for your local jihadist

    If you were wondering what present to buy your local Jihadist well the HELLO KITTY Range seems to be the de rigueur with your well presented jihadi. Good to see they have a fun side whilst causing death an mayhem. .Footage showing a jihadist rebel leader fighting in Syria giving a fiery...


    Whats the worst present you have ever been given and what would u want if you had the choice?(with in reason) Last year on my birthday there was a big box, wrapped up and sitting for me in our kitchen. I was like a big kid as I ripped off the the wrapping paper,was it a hifi, maybe a play...
  5. arrian

    What presents do you like to receive?

    now in my sixties i find that there is very little that i need, unlike when i was younger and would change my shoes, bag, coat on a whim. i hardly wear make-up any more 'cos my eyes aren't as good to see where i'm putting the stuff! as for creams and lotions, i have so many i could start my own...
  6. jenifer

    Birthday Presents

    It all began with an iPhone March was when our son celebrated his 17th birthday and we got him an iPhone He just loved it, who wouldn't? I celebrated my birthday in June, and my wife made me very happy when she bought me an iPad Our daughters birthday is in July so we got her an iPod...
  7. Yalides

    Christmas presents

    What are you buying your loved one(s) for christmas ? Pair of driving gloves that fit me and an HD box for the tele. I just love to spoil her......
  8. arrian


    Valentines day cards and presents brought to mind the time when my hubby bought me a present for my birthday instead of the usual "money in an envelope" my birthday is in July, and it was a beautiful day, glorious sunshine, unusually warm even for July, and he came home at tea time after having...
  9. arrian

    Christmas presents?

    what presents are you hoping to get? so far, i've had a bottle of cointreau, which i love, and there isn't much left lol, but i haven't been able to think of anything special that i wanted, so i can't wait to see what i get. only i more day, yippee!!!!! :474cu::474cu::474cu:
  10. P

    Christmas presents for children

    We are leaving in 4 days!! and we have a few things left over and I thought that some of our things would be lovely as Christmas presents for children Mamas & Papas Rocking Horse So beautiful and breaks my heart to sell but just TOO heavy and bulky to send home...
  11. Martyn

    Christmas presents

    Just was wondering how everyone handle their present buying especially this year with the recession? Have you changed it all for this year? My situation is i have three sons, two married and one single(at home) and two grand children. A few years ago we decided to make things a bit easier by...
  12. Lindy

    Presents for Turkish friends

    When I visit Turkey I sometimes like to take some presents for friends but it's so difficult to know what to take [?] It's easy with the English expats, as they usually provide a shopping list! Has anyone any suggestions as to what Turkish people - male and female may appreciate .... something...
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