1. Harem

    SGK and Prescription charges

    Normally my prescriptions are "free" (apart from sometimes having to pay 6 lira because I have had an appointment at the hospital) but on Thursday when I went to the chemist to get my prescription I was told that SGK are now not covering prescription charges for foreigners and I had to pay in...
  2. Mushtaq

    Cheap prescription glasses

    Found this in my inbox the other day, seems like a good deal. Cheap Glasses : Incl £11 Sisley frames, £19 Bench I'm going to give it a go and see how it works out.
  3. F

    Buying medicine pharmacy

    Can I buy qysmia/qsiva or phentermine in pharmacies in Turkey? Thank you
  4. Y

    What is a 'Rapor' for prescription medicine

    sI've recently got organised with the new government health insurance and its definitely operational and paying out for hospital appointments and tests etc I need to take several different tablets contiously for different problems. When I last saw a doctor I asked him if he could prescribe me...
  5. S

    Availability of Prescription drugs

    We are moving out to Ovacik in June. My husband is currently taking tablets for blood pressure and I am taking the mini pill, Micronor(350mcg norethisterone). I have looked on the various links to lists of drugs available in Turkey but have been unable to trace the drugs we need. Can anyone help...
  6. D

    prescription charges?

    İ have managed to wangle myself onto my wife's SGK scheme and go and see specialists for a reasonable fee but i dont know how the presciption side of things works after the consultation--i have to take constant meds for a pre-existing condition. As my wife explains it i will have to pay 39tl for...
  7. H

    Buying prescription medicine

    Can I buy Ventolin/Salbutamol at the pharmacy in Dalyan ? Just want to make sure in case I run out/lose them etc etc Thanks guys
  8. rosewall1

    Cheap prescription glasses

    My husband says little but does find things of interest on the internet. On another forum (sorry) he found someone who had bought some prescription glasses from Hong Kong. Most definitely cheaper than Turkey and the UK. Less than a year ago we both needed new glasses and paid the equivalent of...
  9. YogiPJ

    prescription drug side effects is the #3 leading cause of death in the U.S

    Deaths from prescription drug side effects is the #3 leading cause of death in the U.S., after cancer and diabetes. Watch this short movie to find out more:
  10. peter the postie

    Cheap prescription glasses

    I found this on another site so I thought I'd post it for all the goggle users. Hey guys, not sure if something similar has been posted before, but if any one is looking for cheap prescription glasses (and Sunglasses) Discount Eyeglasses online - Prescription eyeglasses & Prescription...
  11. Ken & Lynda

    Prescription Drugs

    Can anyone tell me what the situation is in Turkey re prescription drugs? I have to take two tablets per day (and for for the rest of my life) for high blood pressure. If/when we make the move to Turkey, I was wondering how/where I could buy these and how much they are likely to cost. The drugs...
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