1. bickern

    I am prepared to take lives

    'I am prepared to take lives': Dutch Imam sparks outrage by saying he is ready to kill and die for Islam. Turkish Imam Halil Celik works at Mosque in Dieren, eastern Netherlands. He told a journalist: 'I am prepared to die for my religion and also take lives' Journalist Mehmet Cerit said 'it is...
  2. Freedom 49

    Be Prepared for Bayram Closures.

    Just a quick one to say that all Banks, Belediyes, Tax Offices, and probably the Post Offices will be closed Monday right through to Friday next week. Şeker Bayram kicks in on Tuesday 5th July but the Govt has granted a full 9 day holiday, starting this week Saturday 2nd July - Saturday 9th...
  3. suzyq

    Istanbul No More Prepared For Earthquake Than It Was In 1999

    Not good news. Only a few days ahead of the 16th anniversary of the deadly Marmara earthquake, the head of the Istanbul branch of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) has said the city is no better prepared for an earthquake than it was back in 1999. “There are no...
  4. S

    Dog poisoning - be prepared

    If you have dogs, I recommend you keep a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the house. It may save your dog's life. BacktoBodrum: Poison
  5. juco

    Are you prepared to stay warm.

  6. G

    Legal documents prepared abroad (ex.Denmark)

    This is the recipe: Prepare your standard document in your own language. (power of attorney to file a suit in the courts, deed of consent, letter of undertaking) Get it translated in Turkish. If you want the document notarized in both languages, be sure to use an authorized translator. Fees in...
  7. T

    Property Purchase in Turkey ---- be prepared!

    Hi everyone, new thread yes, hope it gives some good advice. If you are considering buying pls be aware. Some of you guys may have picked up my name in the forum over the months regarding my appartment where I was "reaching out for help", but I wont go over that now. So I will start with the...
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