1. J

    Premier League

    Hi all, just arrived back in Turkey and I see That the channel that was showing Premier League football has vanished from Digiturk (S Sport). I did a installation with the channels again and still didn't come back.Have I missed something?
  2. butt007

    HSBC Premier Savings limit

    Got an email from HSBC yesterday Friday. To stay as a premier customer the minimum amount you have in the account has been raised to 250,000liras starting from Jan 4th 2021. It was 150,00liras from January this year, when it went up 50,000liras, so it has gone up with a big jump. I suppose with...
  3. butt007

    HSBC Premier cust. increase

    Just been informed by email from HSBC bank, that if you are a Premier Customer. From January 2nd 2019 the minimum amount that you need to have in your accounts has been raised up to 150,000liras from what it was before 100,000liras. This seems to me a tremendous jump to stay as a Premier...
  4. D

    HSBC Premier account.

    Deposit 100,000 TL, 16% interest, has anybody done this, what are the pros and cons. Any info much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. paddington bear

    Premier League

    Has Digiturk stopped showing premier league football does anyone know please. Sue
  6. B

    turkish premier homes

    Hi , has anybody bought a property of this company if so how were they with the tapu
  7. B

    Premier League.

    BBC News - Was football better before the Premier League? This is a good question, and there will be many opinions, but I do think that there is too much money knocking about in the Premier League. The ordinary working man/woman is being priced out of the...
  8. pepperkat

    Premier League predictions

    With the new season rapidly approaching, what predictions do you have for the Premier League season 2014/2015? 1 Man City. 2 Liverpool. 3 Arsenal. 4 Chelsea. 5 Everton.
  9. G

    Premier league commentary

    From the start of this season Premier League has been shown on Digiturk with Turkish commentary. With the help of TLF members I set up Expat Shield so I could get the commentary on BBC sport. Now there is a time delay between the two, of 2-3 minutes. Can anyone suggest another way of getting the...
  10. paddington bear

    Premier league on digiturk

    The premier league channel on digiturk seems to have disappeared, has anyone else had this problem? I have been trying to ring digiturk about this problem but am unable to get through. Sue
  11. L

    Premier League

    Is it possible to get English tv channels that will show Premier League in Turkey, and how do I get them? I know they show PL on one of the Lig Tv channels (at least they did last season), but I'd like to have English commentators during the matches;)
  12. djmagic

    premier league

    the premier league channel 86 on digiturk is now finished. they have said that they will broadcast premier league tv on their ligtv 3 channel 79 ( I think). problem is where will the original match that was to be on ligtv 3 be shown or is it a case that digiturk has shafted us again..??
  13. J

    Premier Sports

    Has anyone any idea if Premier Sports is available via Dreambox or any other box in Turkey? Premier Sports | Sky 433. Subscribe online or call 0871 663 9000 I have it in the UK for Championship RL which has moved from SS3. There is also GAA and Scottish soccer within Premier's programme...
  14. gizmo

    Gaza Premier in Turkey, in First Official Trip Abroad
  15. djmagic

    hsbc premier customers

    if you are a premier customer you can exchange your ££££ for 3tl today.. this is alittle late i know however worth a look tomorrow :)
  16. Yogi

    Premier Inn

    Hi, They have just released their £29 rooms for this Summer, might be able to grab a bargain.
  17. T

    Premier Inns

    Sorry missed the day sale on. Thanks in advance
  18. S


    Hi everyone, Have any of you ever bought or know much about the Premier make of TVs. We are considering a purchase and would appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks in advance Sue&John
  19. T

    premier inns

    A big thanks to ever posted about the sale 29 Dec well just back from Glasgow but next time can you tell it not rain but honest well done.
  20. james1873

    Turkish Premier Homes

    I would like to post a big "THANK YOU" to Ramazan, Ossy and Peter of TPH for today these guys got me my Tapu after 3 long years. These guys came to my assistance in July and sorted me out in no time. The weather may not be great here at the moment but these guys have made us 3 happy campers...
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