1. bickern

    Couple steal a baby from a pregnant woman's WOMB

    Don't read if squeamish. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A couple stole the baby from a pregnant woman's womb after tying her to a tree and cutting her open with a knife, it was reported today. The body of Mara Cristiana da Silva, 23, who was eight...
  2. R

    Moving to Antakya with pregnant wife.

    Hello all, this is my first post here! I am an American who just received a job offer for a position with an American relief organization that I've been pursuing for almost a year. Normally I would just sign and go, but my wife and I recently found out that we are expecting our first child...
  3. suzyq

    Pregnant Hands

    Incredible Masturbating men ?will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife,? says Muslim televangelist - RELIGION
  4. simpsons

    Muslim man murders pregnant woman

    Farooq Shah has been sentenced to at least 29 years for murdering a pregnant woman. Muslim man murders pregnant prostitute because she was working near a mosque | Mail Online To him, prostitution is evil, but murder is ok. A truly disgusting act by a depraved animal. May he rot in hell.
  5. shirleyanntr

    pregnant bellies are offensive

    they're coming out of the woodwork in droves. we have a lawyer complaining that its immoral for a woman to be seen in public when shes pregnant and her belly on view. in that case i want all those ugly men with enormous bellies to be kept out of sight LOCAL - Presence of pregnant...
  6. bickern

    Man, 56, arrested after getting 10-year-old stepdaughter pregnant

    I really hope they throw away the key, although they probably wont. 8 yrs old and your sick in the head stepdad assaults you; please let me read sometime this week that his fellow prisoners have got to him. Why would she lie about the mother knowing? If it is true then I really feel for this...
  7. Yalides

    Colleen Rooney pregnant

    Any clue who the father is yet ?
  8. M

    Turkish Spouse UK Settlement Visa

    Hello all, I'm posting here, in the hope that someone will be able to provide assistance for what I thought would be a fairly simple situation. I am married to a Turkish woman, we have been married for 2 years now (we married in Turkey), and expecting our 1st child next April. Currently, I...
  9. H

    Exercise Tips for Pregnant Women

    Many smart women get overwhelmed after they get pregnant. They’re used to living their lives a certain way and suddenly they question everything that they do. For example, a woman who has always done regular exercise may seriously start to question whether or not that fitness routine is safe for...
  10. suzyq

    Pregnant bitch problem

    My next door neighbours dog is pregnant and wondered if someone could answer the following questions. The dog next door is about 5-6 weeks pregnant and showing all the signs daily that she is. However I have noticed that during the last 7 days that male dogs are taking an interest in her...
  11. pembelu

    PREGNANT WOMAN seeking autumn/winter use of hotel or private pool

    Didnt know where to post this really. If anyone knows of a hotel in Mugla area (Fethiye ,Dalaman, Dalyan, Ortaca,Koycegiz, Akyaka, Marmaris/Icmeler...) with a heated or at least not cold pool for use in the day or eve for non staying customers (price not so important location and cleanliness...
  12. ceemac

    Pregnant woman in Mersin pressured to leave work

    I think there was a thread recently about how far Turkey had progressed as regards womens rights. I was going to post this there but can't find it. 'A 32-year-old woman held a protest outside the Mersin University Research Center Hospital on Monday after she was pressured to leave her job...
  13. ceemac

    Rape Victim Lashed For Being Pregnant

    Words really fail you with stories like this - you wonder if these things are real, I mean they're so so hard to accept. 'A 16-year-old girl who was raped in Bangladesh has been given 101 lashes for conceiving during the assault.' Here C
  14. KKOB

    You Can't Buy Cheese If You're Pregnant

    Well, not according to a member of Sainsbury's staff. Pregnant woman forced to lie to buy cheese in Sainsbury's after shopworker refuses to serve her | Mail Online
  15. P

    Pregnant UK swine flu victim in emergency flight to Sweden

    Pregnant UK swine flu victim in emergency flight to Sweden | What is your reaction to this story and the fact an ill UK citizen had to be taken to another country for treatment?
  16. SuperBogs

    I'M PREGNANT, ummm err, ummm

    I mean my wife is pregnant...wooooohooooo. My first child. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO :95im: :95im: :95im: :95im: :95im: Biker Bob
  17. D


    Hello all, I am currently lıvıng ın ıcmeler wıth my partner and we have just found out that we are expectıng! Just wanted to know ıf anybody here had been through pregnancy over here and does anyone have any advıce or suggestıond for me please - all answers apprecıated as thıs ıs my fırst!!
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