1. S

    Predictions for 2017

    Any biggy forecasts for 2017 for Turkey, at home and further afield? Obviously Brexits gonna be massive as is Trumps scary handling of global affairs Hopefully things pick up in Turkey and progress in some hot spots would be welcome but currently unlikely
  2. pepperkat

    Premier League predictions

    With the new season rapidly approaching, what predictions do you have for the Premier League season 2014/2015? 1 Man City. 2 Liverpool. 3 Arsenal. 4 Chelsea. 5 Everton.
  3. Jaycey

    Ten predictions for 2014

    Ten predictions for 2014 Ten predictions for 2014 - Al Jazeera Blogs "What are going to be the biggest news events of 2014? Below are 10 predictions for the coming year. But before going any further, you might want to read the similar column I wrote at this time last year, then looking ahead...
  4. J


    England 4 - 1 Scotland. Rooney (Chelsea) 2 goals... What say you? ;)
  5. A

    Earthquake predictions in the World

    Do to latest seismic activity in Turkey, i found this very interesting about earthquake predictions: world-earthquakes . com/index . php?option=ethq_prediction Turkey is on the list :[
  6. tykatem

    2012 what predictions ?

    2011 almost over and a lot of events we never saw coming : OBL killed Arab spring The UK riots Libya etc: What events do you foresee occurring in 2012 ? Favorites are : Dfs will have a sale in January Nicholas Sarkozy to be voted out of office in the French Presidential election...
  7. Sunny Seasider

    Emergency Budget, Rumours and Predictions.

    This is from the latest news reported at 10 p.m tonight: Tomorrow’s Budget is likely to be the most crucial for a generation, with the country facing a huge national deficit set against the backdrop of a sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone. While shiny new Chancellor George Osborne readies...
  8. S

    Predictions for today

    2 good games today before tonights biggy My predictions South Korea 1 Greece 2 Argentina 3 Nigeria 1 England 3 USA 1
  9. Neil_Denizli

    Global Predictions for 2010?

    Who's got any?
  10. gren

    GBP/LIRA Exchange Rate Predictions?

    Its gone down from 2.5:£1 to nearly 2.4:£1 in the past couple of months. Does anyone have any EDUCATED, INFORMED or indeed WISE predictions to the next couple of months? GUESSWORK with valid reasoning also gratefully accepted.. :hmm:
  11. D

    Next season`s predictions ?

    Our daughter and her family stayed at our apartment this May for a week and all four of them thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Their airfare this year 2008 was for 2 adults and 2 children only £600 flying from East Midlands airport.Great price compensated the horrible flight times, but still good...
  12. spitfire

    Predictions for the title and the drop

    With only a few games to go who will win the Premiership and who will drop out with Derby county?? This weekend Man utd meet Chelsea and surely the winner of that will go on and win the title! As a Bolton fan every single result over the weekend went our way :becky: Here's my predictions; 1)...
  13. D

    grim predictions for turkey ( todays press)

    In 2005 Turkey's revenue from tourism increased to more than $18 billion, with the number of tourists increasing by 20.4 percent compared to the year before, to 21 million. So what is the prediction for this year? According to Economy Minister Ali Babacan, tourism revenues are expected...
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