1. IbrahimAbi

    Helen's Prawn tomato and Fenugreek curry

    Helen’s Prawn Tomato and Methi Curry This recipe was given to us by ‘Helen’ an Indian ‘maid’ in the science department at the Gulf English School in Kuwait in 1990. We remember her fondly. • 1 large potato • 3 large tomatoes skinned chopped and reduced (or 1 tin of toms) • 1 large onion finely...
  2. PhilCo

    The Prawn And The Cod

    One day, in the shark-infested waters of the Caribbean, two prawns called Julian and Christian are discussing the pressures of being a preyed upon prawn. "I hate being a prawn," says Julian. "I wish I were a shark." Suddenly, a mysterious cod appears. "Your wish is granted," he says...
  3. M

    Chingri Maacher Kalia (Prawn Curry)

    Ingredients: 500 gms. of prawns. -Potatoes- 2 (cut lengthwise). Green peas- 1/2 cup -Onion paste-2 tbsp. Ginger paste-1 tsp, Chili powder-1 tsp, Turmeric powder-1 tsp -Tomato-1, Oil- 150 gms, Bay leaves-1, Pinch of sugar, Garam masala powder- 1/2 tsp, Salt according to taste Steps: Peel, clean...
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