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    Praise for Turkey

    For once Turkey ranks extremely well in an international survey. "Turkey ranks second among 34 countries in terms of the number of women occupying the top managerial positions of companies, including the ranks of CEO, general manager and general coordinator, a survey by the World Economy Forum...
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    Scoucers praise their hero Sir Alex

    25: His 5.2 shot What a Friend won the 3.10 at Aintree to the delight of the packed Liverpool crowd. You didnt think i meant football did you. :95im:
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    In Praise of Nationwide

    Just thought I would give Nationwide a bouquet - information for other forum members too. Back in May, we sent money in GBP to our GBP account in Altinkum with Akbank. It arrived the same day! Yesterday, we sent money in advance of us being in Turkey on Wednesday. I have just looked on line...
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