1. the bueman

    Google Photoscan.....really handy and practical

    Hi Guys Allow me to introduce you to this handy app from Google for your Android Phone or other devices. If you have a favourite photo or want a copy of a friends photo etc then give this a whirl....hand to copy old photo's to a file to save. Tried it myself and it produces almost perfect...
  2. P

    Practical Winter Closure Tips

    Hello Everyone, we are new to villa ownership in Turkey but looking forward to a second brief spell in our new house in Dalaman. We will be shutting up of course for the winter and would be really grateful to more experienced members who could perhaps advise us on practical steps we need to take...
  3. shirleyanntr

    practical turkish

    Here is an easy recipe for a turkish meze….and fairly easy to follow..ive put the translation alongside to help and its a good learning exercise. MALZEMELER.. ingredients 3-5 adet orta boy patates 3-5 (units) medium potatoes 2 adet ufak soğan...
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