1. Tenpin

    News Turkey invests 1 bln euros in wind power

    Turkey invests 1 bln euros in wind power https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkey-invests-1-bln-euros-in-wind-power-173885 Extract: Turkey’s investment in new wind farms amounted to a total of 1 billion euros in 2021, according to a recent report by WindEurope. The country’s investments and...
  2. H

    Power of Attorney, changing Tapu.

    I know that this has been dealt with before but I cant find a relevant thread. I own a property in Akyaka. I originally bought the property with a friend and both names are on the Tapu. I have bought the friend out and need to change the Tapu to reflect this. My friend does not wish to return...
  3. bickern

    Turkey shuts power plants

    Turkey shuts power plants for not installing filters. Five thermal power plants have been shut down completely and another one partially for failure to comply with a law to install filters, authorities said on Jan. 1. Four out of seven plants surveyed were allowed to operate temporarily...
  4. K

    insurance policy - risk in case of power surge

    Hello, i was informed that there is a change in turkish legislation related to insurance. When the communal areas in a site do not have a power surge protection system, the insurance company does not need to cover the risk related to damage. Can anyone give some information about this? I did...
  5. E

    Electric power at its best

    https://futurism.com/the-byte/electric-ford-f150-pickup-tows-rail-cars That is power.
  6. E

    Nuclear power

    Nükleer santralin temeli 2 kere çatlam??! - Cumhuriyet Türkiye Haberleri Sounds like they build everything the same standard.
  7. immac

    Power Problem

    I was looking for the thread about surge protectors, but gave up. I have a sophisticated system of surge protectors, RCDs UPS etc which I am generally reassured by. Over the last month my board has been tripping off in the middle of the night. My electrician tested the system and found 160V on...
  8. A89

    power shower

    All my shower water comes from the solar water system tank. If ıts not been sunny I have an emergen heater that heats the whole tank and I'm quite happy with that except that unless its been 35+ degrees the water isnt really hot enough for me to add enough cold to make any power on the water. A...
  9. L

    Giving Power of attorney to someone not in Turkey

    Hi, I would like transfer/change my apartment that I own in turkey to my brother's name who is currently living in Afghanistan. He doesn't have the required visa to visit Turkey to complete the procedure personally therefore I am seeking your help to find the best and cheapest way to get change...
  10. W

    Power of attorney costs

    I am looking into getting a double power of attorney set up for myself and wife. Ostensibly it is to give each other powers to act re our respective properties. Ideally we would like our son and daughter to have powers to act also should it be necessary. Can anyone advise re typical costs for...
  11. A89

    power pack

    Hi Does anyone know anything about power packs that can be used to keep internet running during a power cut ??? Alison
  12. S

    Power to the Prez!!!!

    Turkish parliamentary committee backs new powers for president - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  13. T

    IPP Sentencing - Abuse of Power!

    Been reading about this horrendous situation for the last few days. How can 3,500 prisoners still be incarcerated after this 'Bill' was abolished in 2012? Most of them have served much more time than their original sentences, but because they were incarcerated (often for minor offences)...
  14. S

    How do you predict Erdogan will lose power?

    All politicians lose power eventually.....how do you predict that Erdogan will be outvoted? because right now, he is REALLY powerful.....my prediction is that the bad economy and growing PKK terrorism will cause either a) kemalists taking power, due to their socialism and their promise of...
  15. S

    Power of attorney regarding parents flat in gumbet

    Hi I wonder if anyone has any experience with power of attorney in Turkey / UK. My parents brought a flat in Bitez and they want to leave it to my kids. My husband is Turkish so they were going to transfer deeds to him via selling it to him, as our kids are under 16. However my dad is now too...
  16. bickern

    ISIS is about power and money.

    ISIS is about power and money. The godless agents of chaos known as Daesh (ISIS) have killed hundreds this week across the world. Fifty dead in Istanbul; twenty in Dhaka, Bangladesh; a horrifying two hundred killed in Baghdad on Friday, and now an unknown number in Saudi Arabia. All of these...
  17. christella

    Power cut in akbuk

    Electric off till 1300hrs today
  18. I

    Aydem website for power cuts

    Can someone please give me the web address to check for power cuts, mine seems to have disappeared off of favourites! Thanks
  19. L

    Power of attorney

    We had a buyer for our apartment in Altinkum - happened very near the end of our holiday - but on the last day the Estate Agent said the guy couldn't get the mortgage in time. But he said he would buy it. No time for any paperwork, etc. so took us to see Notary who explained what would be...
  20. hijo

    Power cuts in Kusadasi

    ...... that's our Electric of in Kusadasi since 7 am this morning ..not expected to back on till 2 pm..bored..
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