1. paddington bear

    Baking Powder and Bicarbanate of Soda

    I will shortly be running out of my English supplies of baking powder and bicarb of soda. I have seen karbonate (spelling) in the shops, what is this please, I presume it's bicarb of soda. If so what is baking powder please? Sue
  2. L

    Liquid Washing Powder?

    Does anyone know, if I can get Liquid Washing Powder in Dalyan? Last year I was in several supermarkets, but could'nt find it.
  3. raven

    Which Washing Powder for Babies Clothes??

    Hi Hoping some of the Mums can help me out. Was wondering what washing powder the Mums in Turkey use to wash their babies clothes with? Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. K

    chilli powder

    Can anyone tell me the Turkish name for Chilli Powder please
  5. raven

    Baking Powder and Cream of Tartar

    Hi Everyone I went through all the posts and figured out that I might be able to find cream of tartar as, tarta kremi, but what is Baking Powder Called and where can I find it. I did manage to find Bi Carb yesterday. Any help would be great.
  6. Firebrand

    Pink powder on vegetable seeds

    Hi my husband recently brought back a packet of seeds from Turkey that had a pink powder on them. The pack said it was in line with the ministry of agriculture rules, etc, but it didn't say what it actually was. Does anyone know? Thanks
  7. immac

    Custard Powder

    Is there a Turkish equivalent of instant custard, custard powder or similar? If so, what is it called? My dictionaries seem to mix it up with cream or cream caramel. Ian
  8. Struggs

    Rimmel Foundation & Powder

    Free samples: http://survey.email.coty.com/SensorPro/survey/FinishPageRun.aspx?PageId=12d0536e-3304-4ceb-a4fe-db8e5e1d59f4&ox=coty
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