1. 4

    Poverty in UK

    UNICEF are distributing food parcels in the UK We have Trident, we have unusable aircraft carriers, we have dozens of billionaires but apparently UNICEF have to come in and hlp our poor Surely to F... it can't be necessary?
  2. S

    Lockdown poverty

    Its absolutely terrible that in 21st century Europe so many children- 20% of households-are going hungry If this is what its like in a modern European country it doesnt bear thinking about in other parts of the world
  3. H

    Poverty ?

    Our son was in court last week (as a witness ) he had to stay the night in an hotel in Bradford. He decided to take a walk after dinner and spotted a man eating cat food out of the can with his hands. I was so shocked I can't get it out of my mind.
  4. J

    Social Mobility and Poverty

    https://www.gov.uk/government/news/state-of-the-nation-2015-report-published This is an interesting report. Something close to my heart in that all children should be oferred an equal start in life leading to them having aspirations for a better life, be it in whatever sphere. Not widely...
  5. immac

    Poverty Line: 2,112TL

    From Dailysabah: Extracts: "The poverty line for a single worker, the amount he/she should earn monthly in order to pay rent and meet basic needs, increased by 0.13 percent in July compared to June, setting at TL 2,112 ($760) according to data the Turkish Public Workers' Labor Union (Kamu-Sen)...
  6. Spurs

    UK child poverty & crime

    Just what does the UK hold for this generation of children? I just watched a clip where a lad in his early 20s has a dream of buying his own house, he was not a yob or a lout..........could have quite easily been one of my sons. I say "a dream" because the lad is going nowhere. He works two...
  7. teosgirl

    poverty threshold continues to rise

    ECONOMICS - Poverty threshold continues to rise in Turkey Charlotte
  8. shirleyanntr

    poverty in Turkey

    These are the july /august/September figures for bread line and poverty line in Turkey as issued every month by Turkish Trade Unions.www.Türk-İş.org The figures are based on what a family of four need ..these are interesting as the minimum wage is 720 lira gross 577 lira net the poverty line...
  9. immac

    Poverty Line

    From Zaman: Hunger and poverty lines rise in October The monthly income necessary to adequately feed a family of four, referred to as the hunger line, has increased to TL 757 this month from TL 750 last month, according to the Confederation of Turkish Labor Unions (Türk-İş). The monthly...
  10. shirleyanntr

    child poverty turkey

    İ really cant understand the posts of overt sympathy for the plight of animals..however sad it is..while at the same time dismissing begging bedraggled children as an elaborate charade. This is in response to the anecdotes we hear about wealth in Turkey..and is part of UNİCEF'S current winter...
  11. merlin

    Turkey's Kurds languish in poverty....

    BISMIL, TURKEY – Outside a post office in this southeastern Turkish town ringed by cotton and wheat fields, men and women jostle for position, eager to read a list of names posted near the window. The names are of poor families with school-age children eligible for financial support from a World...
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