1. T

    Exchanging Egyptian pounds to Turkish lira in turkey

    Hello How is it going everyone ? Guys ; I will go to turkey soon but I have A problem for exchanging money in Egypt So I want to know if I go to Turkey with Egyptian pounds ; Can I exchange them To Turkish lira from banks or exchange Offices ? If it is possible ; there will be a limit It is...
  2. christella

    1.7 billion pounds to be paid to the EU

    so our economy is doing well now we have to pay for it
  3. Fran Dessop

    What to take on Holiday - Lira or Pounds (TL or GBP)?

    From the little that I've read on the subject I am getting the impression that our holiday money might be half and half. Meaning, take Turkish Lira to get by for the first few days, but also take Sterling (Pounds) and exchange them on holiday. Could any of you wise travellers and semi-permanent...
  4. perfect1949

    all for the sake of 2 pounds

    Taxi driver Muhammed Javed ran down his passenger Huw Lloyd in row over £8 fare | Mail Online . dave
  5. S

    Duplex Appartment for Sale 45,000 pounds

    for sale nice spacious 2 bedroomed appartment on out skirts of marmaris 2 mins from the beach in a quiet side street does need some TLC but could be a nice holiday home just a lick of paint etc is required very light and airy for pics etc and any other info please message me
  6. millilove76

    50,000 pounds to leave the UK!

    I just read on the news that the BNP are proposing that they will offer 50,000 pounds resettlement money to those wanting to leave the UK. Thats if they win the election. However this offer will only be made to those not non white British. Yes very (very) racist but i think if the offer was...
  7. uncle fester

    bodrum/manchester return save 55 pounds.

    21st december 2009.(OHY 817). bodrum to manchester and return one week later on the 28th december 2009.(OHY 818).manchester to bodrum. 200 pounds including the name change,but just the one ticket for sale. this is a saving of 75 pounds on today's price.PM me for more details.Aegean Flights ...
  8. A

    Side Tours - from 4 uk pounds -

    To help you budget for your holidays and decide ahead of tıme wıth your families what you might like to do here in Side - see summary below - All prices shown in UK POunds Sterling but you could pay in Euros or Lire too - DAİLY TRİPS (1) Jeep Safari departs 9am and includes lunch - 20 GBP (2)...
  9. bickern

    Quickest way to loose those pounds

    The holiday season is here now so we all need to get a bit of weight off. This is a truly great workout guaranteed to loose you one stone in the first week YouTube - FAT AEROBICS
  10. R

    Pounds, euros or Turkish Lire???

    Its three weeks until we come out to Turkey to furnish our new home and we need more advice and you guys have been really helpful so far . So more help please . What currency should we take with us ,I have euros left from past holidays should we take those? where should we change currencies...
  11. merlin

    79 pounds 14 nights named accom. - Fethiye/Calis/Ovacik/Icmeler/Kalkan & Marmaris

    14 nights - Named Accomodation, some SC some B&B Only 79 pounds Here! but departures are for tomorrow :-( Worth keeping an eye on this site with these sort of offers going. Merv!
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