1. christella

    the new pound coin

    the new pound coin once the new one is released the old one will have no value so get rid of them they are realest 28th march
  2. yalimart

    Selling England by the Pound.

    The selfservatives have raped and plundered our country (U.K.) almost everything our parents and grand parents subscribed to has found its way into private all too often chummy hedge fund managers, it won't be long before we are no longer masters of our own destinys or has it reached that point...
  3. S


    Pound took a dive overnight a bit worrying for those on uk pensions imo...looking grim.. other news that guy that smacked his fellow ukip comrade certainly got the right name....Hookem ....haha!
  4. bickern

    IPhone for only one pound

    Check the links out & see what you think. IPhone for only one pound. The bottom one takes you straight to the deal. Is Apple getting desperate? They're selling the iPhone 3 for <font class="cursymb"></font>1 in the UK MyBitWave - iPhone 6S - UK
  5. bickern

    The Pound Pub

    Britain's £1 pub has opened its doors to punters chasing a cheap drink. But customers may be in for surprise when they get to the bar - because a pint of beer will actually set them back £1.50 From 8am, bar staff at The Pound Pub in Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough, will serve half pints for £1...
  6. bickern

    TL Exchange, Ouch

    What happened, lira slowly getting stronger and now it drops back again. Any one have an idea why? It cant be due to the swipe at the media this weekend surely.
  7. Philogic

    Million Pound Prize.

    All you have to do is spot a driver NOT on a phone. Just send his vehicle registration number to the following Nigerian phone number.....0853@#$^&.o
  8. T

    Dog pound in Koyceyiz

    Hello everyone the title is a bit misleading as there is no dog pound however we think one is needed and i would like to hear you opinions for and against so that we can get something sorted and if anyone in the area would like to join our mission then that would be brilliant as we need all the...
  9. niyaz

    One pound fish

    I wonder if you can get a pound of fish in Dalaman or the rest of Turkey for a £1. You can in London.:23: One 1 Pound Fish Song. - YouTube
  10. S

    pound lira.

    the pound seems to be slipping against the lira again, seems to be getting an annual event this time of year. or am i wrong?
  11. S

    Dogs from Torba pound.

    Hi, we've just lost our dog and went to the pound near Torba to have a look for another, fell in love with all of them! We've decided on one of the adult dogs and we're picking her up on Thursday, the puppies were soooo cute but my logic was that they look cuter so would stand more chance of...
  12. D

    Why is the pound so high against the lira?

    Today the pound has broken 2,91tl and i am wondering what keeps the pound so high with all the problems within the EU. i dont follow the Euro or dollar but i presume the pound isnt as buoyant against them??--is it all curriencies against the TL?
  13. D

    election time and the pound to lira rate!

    İ have been watching the pound escalate over the past few hours and i wonder how the up and coming turkish election is aeffecting it and what will happen post 12th june!??
  14. niyaz

    Pound losing ground

    Lira is getting stronger everyday against pound sterling. This is not looking good for us. Well i am coming to Dalaman in May and i wonder if the pound sterling will hold it's ground and if not then less spending for me.
  15. juco

    UK Trillion pound debt

    Did anyone watch this documentary the other night? Mind blowing! Just downloading from utube at the moment.
  16. O

    Cost of Customs Pound parking??

    Does anyone know costs of parking a car/van with customs to leave the country?? Cheers Olly
  17. M

    What exchange rate are the jewllers giving for the pound just now

    We are just about to come over and were wondering what the exchange rate is as its not to good at this end Bri
  18. M

    Twenty Pound Notes

    Following the information on here, I discovered I had two of these notes which will cease to be legal tender in three weeks' time. Easy, I thought - wrong! Took them into Barclays (where I have had an account for forty odd years) and asked for them to be changed. I was informed that I could...
  19. M

    exchanging fifty pound notes

    hi can anybody tell me will i be able to exchange fifty pound notes in turgutries into lira?
  20. Struggs

    You can donate a pound for free, just by viewing the video

    The following has been copied from a post on Money Saving Expert Over 107,000 dogs are abandoned every year. This film follows Charlie as he is abandoned to a frightening future. Join us in this year's campaign to help abandoned dogs. Subscribe to this channel and stay up to date, forward the...
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