1. northpole

    Growing Early Potatoes

    lt’s almost that time of year to get the garden ready for homegrown fruit and vegetables.And one of the favourite vegetables to grow is the spud.A lovely wholesome vegetable with many varieties on how to create dishes.And to think it was all achieved by the tender nurturing from the hands of the...
  2. arrian

    cancer/carrots/sweet potatoes

    hope for the future?? Could carrots and sweet potatoes help fight breast cancer? | Mail Online :62yd:
  3. val2661


    I buy my potatoes from the weekly market and have no idea what type of potato they are. Every visitor I have remarks what lovely chips/roast potatoes/mash etc. I serve up. My latest visitor has asked if they can buy the same potato in UK. Can anyone help me please - what would they look...
  4. Sunny Seasider

    First crop of New Potatoes

    We're new to this grow your own hobby, planted out some seed potatoes in March in a rather large tub, we've just had our first crop of new potatoes today, they were delicious. (Thank you BobtheNob for your advice early in the process). There is something so satisfying in growing your own, and...
  5. russandjan


    This is a side dish and its very tasty Mmmmm Amount Measure Ingredient 2 lb Small potatoes -- halved 1/4 ts Salt 1 1/2 ts Tumeric 1 1/2 ts Cumin powder 2 pn Chili powder 1 t...
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