1. A89

    Ads in middle of posts???

    I keep seeing big adverts in the middle of my posts on here...... is it normal or have I got a bug?? alison
  2. C

    Getting 15 posts for URL

    Apparently I need 15 posts for this so I will build them up in one thread rather than spamming separate threads - hope this is ok as the post I want to make needs URLs included. Thanks :)
  3. E

    Back to back posts

    I've often seen back to back posts where the poster very politely apologizes at the beginning of their second post. I can see that the rules would ask us to refrain from such activity but I'm not sure why. Could anyone enlighten me? Ed
  4. H

    Replies to posts

    How do I set up my account so I get emails if someone has replied to my post or sent me a private message. Thanks
  5. christella

    notification of new posts

    for the last 2/3 days i have have had no emails to say i have replied to any posts and yes i have ticked the right box
  6. immac

    One Million Posts

    I notice at the side of the forum page that the number of posts has ticked over the one million mark. Surely something to recognise in the Geeky Stuff section? Ian
  7. K

    SGK goal posts moved

    I had cancer last year and was treated at Medstar hospital Antalya which is a private hospital under SGK which covered everything did not cost a penny. Three months ago I was treated with a preventive drug cost nothing. Today I went for my second treatment and was told SGK will no longer pay for...
  8. Akasya

    Closed threads , deleted posts

    This forum is free to all users , mods are unpaid volunteers , acting in the " best interests " of the board. It must be soul destroying having to patrol our posts , after a short while it must be so repetitive and in many cases so predictable. None of us have any rights , the owner , Mushtaq...
  9. abba

    Viewing Pictures in posts

    When I click on a picture it will start to load but not finish. If I then close the loader and re=click the picture, it will completely load. Also, it will not move to a second picture unless I perform the same function. I must be doing something in error. Is anyone able to suggest how to...
  10. Yalides

    Numbers of posts

    Now I ask myself why pervect 1949 is so paranoid about the number of posts I make. All he posts these days. A touch paranoid about me? Can`t think of anything to say himself ? Reckon he will poo his pants when I get to 19000. Hang on there Dave, won`t be long.
  11. Mushtaq

    Helpful posts?

    I have finally found some time to install a much requested feature which I think will add some useful functionality and a little fun too. You can now rate any post and helpful or not (good or bad) so give a try and see how it goes. You will find a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down next to the Thanks...
  12. yalimart

    Missing Posts and threads

    You have noticed that all threads and posts that were made between 11.00 am and about midnight have disappeared, this is probably due to the server change yesterday and the admin will be looking into it today. No need to report anything ! Martin
  13. perfect1949

    all Yalides wants for Christmas is 16000 posts

    come on guys lets help him out by asking him questions so he can reply , i will start the ball rolling how old are you DES . dave
  14. RedBloodedHound

    15,000 + posts.

    I may have missed this; has a certain person just snuck past 15,000 posts? More sugar and spice etc. than saccharin queen.:95im:
  15. B

    Irrelevant posts

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a way of deleting or blocking posts that irrelevant to Dalaman? Thanks
  16. S

    Abusive posts

    Lol not my week Got less hassle when I was on here regularly.. This time the PM is from justin66. Would some mod have a look at it please as this dumbo is getting annoying and his comments are directed towards my wife. What a waster.
  17. SLEEPY

    Editing posts

    Now my intention is not to start another MOD bashing session (god love them) but this morning I had one of my posts edited for an inappropriate comment. What I had done was referred to some abusive posters as ****HOLES but the offending word was deleted. Now when I wrote the first part of the...
  18. Sha Hoorsur

    Contentious posts

    I think all of firefoxes contentious posts should be completely ignored, and treated with the contempt they so richly deserve, untill he has learned respect for other peoples opinions. Please vote. yes. or. No.
  19. kemerkid

    1000 posts.

    1000 posts. To some of the high volume posters and veterans on here this probably sounds like small beer but I have actually managed to steer clear of trouble despite the best efforts of one or two people diametrically opposed to my opinion. Although I am a member of facebook I don’t use it...
  20. McDHibs

    Problems viewing old posts

    Hi Mushtaq and Mods Just for your information. Not sure if its just my account but if I try and look at my old posts or try and see old posts from other members I just get a blank screen. I get a page count but no content, Its the same if I try to view thanked posts or posts thanked by me...
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