1. F

    Musti's: Setting the Record Straight-Rebuttal to FB Postings

    I wanted to clarify a situation that may have come to your attention thru FB, TLF or the gossip channels and set the record straight (at least from my perspective) about developments at Musti's Yalikavak. I was going to post the below comment on Mustis Facebook site. Unfortunately my brother...
  2. H

    Previews of Postings

    Hi, Can anyone help me. I used to be able to run my mouse over the individual postings and get a preview of the topic to enable me to decide whether or not I wanted to view it. I can't do this now and wondered what might have happened. Any remedies would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards
  3. P

    Back to back postings.

    Again there has been a rise in the amount of back to back posts,yesterday there was an incidence of three posts in a row,use the edit button.I expect there will be a winge about me pointing this out.
  4. gipsybabe

    New Postings help

    Hi I wonder if anyone can explain. If I log on and see that there has been a recent posting on a thread, the one I'm having probs with at present is the property maintenance thread, it says that the latest posting was at 15.06 by JohnF. If I click on Title of thread and scroll to see what John...
  5. Raysalaff

    Order of Postings

    Hi Everyone Is it possible for me to rearrange the posting so that the newest one appears first on my list ? it most probable tells me somewhere how to do this. It's the Small print again!! :der: Thanks Ray Take Care Out There :)
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