1. yalimart

    Double Posting

    Lots of double posting today, problem ? Martin
  2. S

    Turkey- Posting politics

    Whilst on most subjects we strive to encourage debate and discussion we must again stress that due to political sensitivities within Turkey we cannot have discussion of the nations politics on the forum. We appreciate that often this arises unintentionally with members simply quoting already...
  3. T

    Posting cargo from Izmir to UK

    Hello, Anyone know what is the cheapest/best way to send boxes of books and clothing from Izmir to the UK? I've checked extra baggage for my flight and for extra 10kilos they want something like £90! I'm not in any major hurry to send them back just as long they get here with a month or so...
  4. Jaycey

    Posting video clips

    Hi my geeky friends, another silly question but one that will surely not go on for 100+ posts! Earlier I just used to take a URL eg:, delete the ‘s’ in https, post and voila! But that doesn’t seem to work any more – any suggestions please (except from that *%$#...
  5. A

    posting letter to turkey

    Hi all Can anyone recommend the best way to send documents to Altinkum.....via Royal Mail International signed for?? Any other suggestions?? Thanks
  6. K

    posting in Turkey

    Hi everyone. I'm in the process of selling my apartment and will be coming over to box up all the goodies I have brought in my case over the years. Can anyone recommended the best way to get my belongings safely to Bulgaria? I will be going back to the UK and would assume best to send by turkish...
  7. HelenSnowball

    Posting pictures in a thread

    Can anyone help please? I'm trying to upload a picture and I've followed the instructions in FAQ, so I think the picture is there, but in the thread where I want to put the picture, I don't get anything on the attachments bit when I try to do a new post. Then, when I go back to where I think...
  8. bickern

    Members posting less.

    I am saying this as a fellow member, not as a moderator. I have noticed that some of our more vocal members are being a bit less vocal nowadays which has made me go back through a few posts they made. By vocal I mean those that have a genuine point of view they wish to impart, not the childish...
  9. christella

    problems with posting

    Normally after putting a post on here when somebody replies we get an email it's the same on AA no emails and I have checked my settings
  10. RedBloodedHound

    Posting photos

    Answers in Engish please. When trying to load jpgs to TLFs photo album I get the following message.: "(): Sorry, this image type is not supported yet." Any ideas why?
  11. Jaycey

    Posting videos

    I’m trying to post a home video to the forum - 5 minutes and less than 1GB depending on file format. But the attachment rules give .mov at only 976KB, or .wmv but don’t give maximum file size – and they don’t mention MPG2. Is it possible to post a movie? Or does one have to upload to Youtube...
  12. lara

    Posting pictures

    I want to post a picture from my facebook, any help would be appreciated. I'm in the test area failing miserable........I hate technology.
  13. J

    Disgusting member posting evil comment

    I am disgusted to read that a member on here finds it FUNNY haha about the property thread where folk have lost THOUSANDS OF POUNDS of money!!! Are the mods going to do something about this? shud she be allowed to post on here with a nasty attitude like that? SHES happy AND FINDS IT FUNNY...
  14. E

    Posting a laptop! Possibility?/Prices?

    Hi. I've ask my aunt to buy and send me a laptop valued $1200. Bud I've heard that posting electronic devices to turkey is complicated. So does anybody know the procedures and can estimate the prices? And also what is brokerage fee? And how much for releasing $1200 laptop? Because ups/fedex...
  15. T

    posting documents

    I realise that the info I need will be somewhere on the forum,but I don`t know where to look,so could somebody help me please? I need to post some documents to Turkey - as quickly and securely as possible. What`s the safest and quickest way of doing this please?
  16. pembelu

    household items For SALE posting ad on behalf of friend (toparlar/koycegiz)

    mix of household items for sale all items based in Toparlar need collecting by end of month king size black wrought iron headboard 50tl king size bed 100tl single long sofa Altus fridge/freezer excellent cond 300tl Arcelik washing machine excellent cond 300tl salon / lounge wooden display...
  17. jenifer

    Posting Video's

    Hello members of TLF. You will be sick of this question but I need guidance. I notice members are posting full page pictures on their posts, also they are posting videos. Can anyone tell an idiot how to do it? Help would be appreciated. Ron
  18. S

    Edit an existing posting?

    Hi, I submitted a posting in Introduce Myself forum, but there is no "EDIT". Or is there another way Thank in Advance Sid
  19. O

    Hello - new to posting and would like to ask a question

    Hi - I have been 'watching' the forum for quite some time and find the information available both interesting and invaluable. I am sure this question has been asked previously, but my search skills are a bit limited and I cannot seem to find what I am looking for. We are looking to relocate to...
  20. S

    I'll stop posting

    I am going to stop posting for a while to let everything cool down.
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