1. kemerkid

    Top Poster

    Well I guess congratulations are in order for Yalides who now assumes the crown as top poster. I think it refers more to the quantity rather than quality, probably Shirl has been pipped because of the fact that she doesn’t spend so much time in the jokes section. Anyway well done Des.
  2. Yogi

    Longest term poster?

    Shirlyanntr’s recent achievement of 10,000 posts (which not many other people will reach) got me thinking. When did this site start operation (2004?) and, apart from Mushtaq, who has been posting the longest and is still an active member? I joined in June 2009 and tend to read more than I...
  3. perfect1949

    who would you say was the biggest poster on their own thread

    i know some like me like to post , but some just back to back post for the sake of it what do the forum think ? dave
  4. Tommie

    My Favourite Poster

    I have been a member of this forum for about a year now and find it extremely helpful. Had I joined it prior to purchasing my apartment in Didim, I might have saved myself a few headaches. Most of the topics about Turkey in general, not necessarily relating to any particular area, are very...
  5. M

    New poster

    Hello, my name is Mandy, and I live in the Fethiye area, Muğla. Have been reading the forum for a few weeks now and just starting to get brave enough to post! I am married to a turkish guy, have 2 kids, and have been living here for 5 years now. Would just like to take this opportunity to say...
  6. KKOB

    Lost Cat Poster

    The 10 Funniest Missing Pet Signs Of All Time (PHOTOS)
  7. B

    First time poster

    Hello everyone, I'm Bremar. I have been a long time member and reader but this is my first posting. I will start posting from now on rather than just sitting on the sidelines. Keep up the good work, this is a very informative forum.
  8. M

    Four Poster Bed

    Hi everyone - we have bought a villa in the Altinkum area. As yet not furnished. Hoping to do this in March 2008. Having read about the dratted mozzies, hubby has now decided he would like a four poster bed to make hanging mozzie nets a bit easier and not quite so claustrophic. Anybody know...
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