1. Freedom 49

    Postal Charges From Britain.

    This morning, as usual at this time of every month, I went down to the PTT to pay both mine and my daughter's internets, telephone, electricity & water bills here in Side. At the same time, I posted 10 x A5 Christmas cards out to Britain giving them every chance to arrive late November or early...
  2. bickern

    How can I get a postal vote for the General Election

    Thought I would post this in case anyone is interested. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is a postal vote? In England, Scotland and Wales, you can choose to vote by post if you cannot or do not wish to attend your polling station in person...
  3. C

    Postal Service

    Can anyone tell me if post is delivered to your home on a Saturday in Yalikavak. Thanks a lot.
  4. C

    Postal problems!

    Has anybody heard if the postal problems in Didim/Altinkum are now back to normal? I heard of and read of the problems in Voices newspaper at the end of Feburary. Thanks in advance for any replies or updates on this.
  5. M

    postal service in Turkey?

    hi everyone, I am expecting a very important post from Istanbul to be delivered to my Didim address. I only gave the Sokak number and complex name as my address. Should this be enough for the post to reach me? If not can I go to sorting office and collect the letter in person? Is there a sorting...
  6. D

    turkish postal service garantee

    is there a legitimate way to trak your post back to england>!
  7. M

    Istanbul Postal system

    Does it work? Down in Yalikavak post might or might not arrive, sometimes you need to pick it up yourself from the post office. How does it work in Istanbul, I am hoping that it is a normal door to door delivery. We have a small parcel due from UK, it is actually a test run for future small...
  8. L

    Postal scam.

    Dont know if this will be posted in the right place or not.... "Can you circulate this around especially as Xmas is fast approaching - it has been confirmed by Royal Mail. The Trading Standards Office are making people aware of the following scam: A card is posted through your door from a...
  9. T

    Postal address & post code

    Not sure where to put these questions so hope this is OK. How do you find out the full postal address for your property in Turkey? How do you know your post code? Is there a map available in Tosmur Alanya showing post codes for areas?
  10. Andy

    Postal Gold Firms

    Just a warning to anyone in the UK who are thinking of selling their gold by these postal Gold Company's As seen on TV this morning these company's are all rip off merchants who can charge up to 1 tenth the market value of your gold but more than likely charge you 1 fifth and it's legal...
  11. peter the postie

    New postal deal means more junk

    Get ready for more junk mail on the doormat... The postal workers have now voted this in. Royal Mail and CWU agreement allows more unaddressed mail - Marketing news - Marketing magazine
  12. B

    postal charges

    I have just been to the Dalyan post office to pick up a parcel from England, it costs £40 to send it, it has been opened, and then I had to pay Dalyan post office 2 lira, before they gave it to me, does anyone know what that is for
  13. peter the postie

    Postal strikes look inevitable

    Looks like more alienating of vital customers is on the cards! From the CWU website this evening..... Postal Strike goes ahead if Royal Mail rejects peace plan 15th October 2009 On Tuesday the Communication Workers Union tabled a proposal to resolve the current postal strike. That offer...
  14. gra

    Turkish postal success

    Hi Good news today for the wife, the clothes ordered from joe browns in the uk online, arrived after 3 weeks, at a cost of only £7.00. Not sure about returning if any problems ? But still very pleased.
  15. v6cod

    Ex-Pat Postal Problems

    Just seen this in the Fethiye times. One of the many problems British people find when they move to Turkey is the postal service. In the UK we were used to a reliable and timely service with deliveries at least once a day to our door. If things go wrong we know that there is a complaints...
  16. O

    Postal Service

    Can anyone tell me what the postal service is like in Antalya as I am in North Cyprus and still waiting for christmas cards sent from the UK last november even though I have paid for my own post box. :ohwell:
  17. B

    Postal Tax, on items sent to UK from Turkey

    Hi, Can I pick the brains of anyone who knows about the postal tax system in Turkey..? I am planning to post an item, a small packet to the UK, from Turkey, and the recipient in the UK has asked if Turkey is covered by the EU as regards postal tax. I guess they mean how much would they have to...
  18. Harem

    Postal Service (or disservice)

    I spent many hours last year designing and making my own Christmas cards and then posted them in good time for Christmas in the UK. Imagine my disappointment when at least half of them didn't arrive! However, in the past two days I have heard from 4 people telling me that the cards have...
  19. peter the postie

    Postal strikes loom

    Well as most will know, we voted overwhelmingly in favour of strikes in our recent ballot. Usually when most public services take industrial action the public are behind them, but what about us postie's? .. I know that customers on my round are behind us once they understand fully just what its...
  20. A

    Turkish Postal Service

    Like many "new" forum members I to, spend time browsing, and picking up useful snippits of information relating to life in Turkey. However,unless I have completely missed the topic, I would appreciate any information, or view on the Turkish Postal Service. I have seen it mentioned generally and...
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