1. juco

    Banking UK, post Covid-19 ?

    Putting aside the rights and wrongs re the virus. I think most will accept that the economy is going to take a huge hit in the coming months, With billions being paid out from tax payers money, that at some stage will be clawed back. So looking forward what are others thoughts on the...
  2. bickern

    What to post?

    Well seeing as just about every column inch is taken over by Coronavirus news just repeating article after article, either everybody has indeed stayed in and no news is good news or the reporters have stayed in. I know it is obviously big news but it is as if the world has indeed stopped...
  3. A

    no post invitation just email invitation to owner meeting

    Owners managed to take over the management of our complex in 2017. We are a small site of 16 properties. Mixture of nationalities. No owners live at any of the properties, hence, all communication is done by email. This included the invitation to the owner meeting the following year in 2018...
  4. R

    1st Post - Buying In Alanya - Areas

    Hi All, It's time to buy a little holiday home, just for our families to come and unwind. (without any hope of the property appreciating in value, or getting any rental income from it). I'm looking to buy a 2-bed+2-Bath Apartment in Alanya, in the following areas and would love some local...
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