1. H

    Senior Attorney seeking a legal position in an International Law firm

    Dear colleagues, I'm Hassan Yassin, an Egyptian Senior Attorney before Cassation and Constitutional High Court, member of Arab Bar Association, member of UIA. I'm seeking a higher legal position in an International law firm in Turkey. Best regards. Hassan Yassin Senior Attorney
  2. B

    Help!! Storage bed stuck in upright position!

    I have wriggled it! I have tried to cajole it! I have used brute force! My bed is stuck up and not going anywhere!! I remember someone else had this problem some time ago and i have been trying to find the thread to no avail. Can anyone advise please?
  3. scotssteve

    Turkish Businesswoman takes No2 position worldwide

    Financial Times places SabancĂ˝ in 2nd top spot - Hurriyet Daily News What an acheivement for any woman- but in this country all the more remarkable perhaps. Also further recognition of the growing importance of Turkish business in a worldwide enviroment? Well done, I say:attention
  4. Dalaman Deli

    Know Your Tax Position

    Here is an interesting article from this week's Fethiye Times: Mugla Vergi Dairesi Baskangli (The local tax man) held a presentation all about the Turkish tax system Wednesday 29th August in the plush air conditioned Esnaf Oda just down from Migros. Over 30 ex-pats attended along with the usual...
  5. shirleyanntr

    the advantages of Turkeys geo-political position

    the following is part of an editorial comment in The Turkish Journal ....will an EU without Turkey gain in terms of energy if Turkey says 'no' to the EU? Would it be more powerful in international politics? Turkey is the country that carries Caucasian oil to the Mediterranean with the...
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