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    Applying to portugal visa in Istanbul

    Hello, Does anybody know how can a person apply to the portugal turistic visa in istanbul? Nobody answers me by phone in consulate? I emailed they answered automatically make an appointment in Ankara!
  2. F

    Sold up in Turkey - moved to Portugal

    We rented in TR for 5 years, 2010-2015. The first 3 years we come and went to our rented apartment, and liked it very much. The last 2 years we lived in TR fulltime, and all of a sudden we felt that TR is not the right place for us to live. Just too many daily problems to deal with.Like IKAMET...
  3. S


    Have been to a lot of places on this miserable planet but never Portugal. Fancy it and considering a trip there. Anyone any experiences, good or bad
  4. W

    a good help in portugal

    Hello everyone, i`m from portugal and if someone need a good advice or help to do anything in portugal, please contact me. kind regards David:fish2:
  5. Firefox

    Uk Bails Out Portugal

    Yes Next in the P.I.G.S domino effect of EU bankrupt countries Portugal goes cap in hand to the EU for a €70 Billon hand out. The UK taxpayers contribution on this is thought to be €3billon or £5 Billon Here Portugal: 'We need European aid' - Telegraph
  6. cokdeli

    Portugal v Turkey

    I am watching this match and have sent an email to ITV because of complete bias. They showed Portuguese fans in this country watching the match twice but the the Turkish community watching it (mind you it may very well be x rated). Before the matched started they gave information on the...
  7. Tonya

    Missing 3 year old in Portugal

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/l...re/6623127.stm A search is being carried out for a three-year-old from Britain who may have been abducted while on holiday with her family in Portugal. Madeline McCann's parents, from Leicestershire, were at a restaurant near the Mark Warner Ocean...
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