1. Yalides

    National dash cam portal

    My neighbour told me about this having sent them footage of a driving incident. Anyone else used it ?
  2. H

    Al-Monitor : the Middle East news portal

    ...useful? Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East A NEW LOOK AT THE MIDDLE EAST Al-Monitor is a new media website providing original reporting and analysis by prominent journalists and experts from the Middle East and offering in-depth analysis through its Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon...
  3. V

    new web portal for Datca Area

    We are working now on a new portal for the datca area. You can see a preview here (Hidden Dat├ža) If you have anything intresting for me to put it on let me know. Im looking for links etc of excellent restaurants etc Any suggestions are welcome Thanks Jeroen
  4. merlin

    New web portal for Kusadasi announced....

    Was announced in the local Kusadasi traders gazette last week amongst a large editorial however, looking at the site its all a bit of a let down so far http://kusadasee.com/index.html Merv!
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