Portable Hard Drive

    Can any of you fine folk recommend a reasonable portable hard drive that a chap could use for downloading and storing movies from the internet. Obviously its not for me ! but a nameless friend who does this sort thing.
  2. L

    Portable appliance testing (PAT test) in Turkey?

    Good morning everybody, What is the Turkish law in regards the PAT tests? If I buy white goods or aircon does the supplier installs them as well as provides a PAT test certificate or I have to find some else to do it? P.S. The HEALTH and SAFETY EXECUTIVE (HSE) gives info regarding this test...
  3. CKPR

    Portable Gas Heaters

    Can anyone advise me where I can purchase a Portable Gas Heater in the Bodrum - Yalikavak Areas. Thanks
  4. Summertime

    Portable aircon

    Does anybody knows about Portable Aircon, and can you buy them in Altinkum, I was looking for Wilfa WAC-9000 btu. Can also use them for heating. And how good are they? Any recommendation? They are very heavy 38 kg so not possible to bring one to Turkey.
  5. Martian106

    Portable Air Con units

    Guys, still looking for an Aircon solution for small bedrooms, Does anyone know ehere I can get the 10k btu portable units similar to the ones they sell in B&Q about £250.00, Have searched in Manavgat and Side no luck, does any one have any Ideas if any sells these things in the area, even...
  6. K

    Help detect earthquakes with your portable.

    I have just seen a fascinating piece on BBC World about a project in California to use portable pcs to provide early detection of earthquakes. It uses the inbuilt facility in laptops to detect vibration when they are dropped that closes down the hard drive and the pc itself to protect the pc...

    Portable gas heater, ozel fiyat!

    Arcelik in Bodrum have got portable gas fires (super ser) on special offer at only 99tl.I don't think it includes a gas bottle,but still represents a good deal.We bought one last december with a bottle for 200tl from Arcelik & thought that was a good price.! Anyone wanting a gas bottle see...
  8. H

    portable dvd players

    hi wonder if anyone can help.im coming to bodrum for 2 weeks soon and staying in a self catering apartment.i would like to have a portable dvd player so we can watch some films.currently the cheapest one i can buy in the uk is £50.00 can you tell me is it cheaper to buy one here ( uk ) and...
  9. Talkinman

    Portable Satelite System

    I have seen a portable Satelite system for sale in Maplins the Electronics store. I wonder if this type of system has been tried by anyone in Turkey and if so what was the result. I would appreciate any feedback!!
  10. merlin

    Turkish Living Portable Air Conditioner Hunt....

    This has me foxed. I have spent so many hours trying to locate these units so I throw down the gauntlet to the members :lol: A few years back there was a shop in Fethiye selling these. Paid a ridiculously low price of 100YTL. It did cold, hot, flow control and even had a timer and remote...
  11. jandj

    Portable air con - air conditioning

    Is it possible to buy portable, plug-in, air conditioning units that are now on sale in UK. Places like B&Q sell them at about £130+. They are perfect if you require air conditioning in different rooms at different times.
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