1. J

    Pork shops

    Hi We recently visited Fethiye from Avsallar and were amazed at all the pork shops. We are definitely going back as we loved the place so much but can anyone tell me if the pork shops are open all year around? Thanks
  2. B

    Pork products supplier

    Our pork supplier in Kalkan is running his stock down. Can anyone advise if there is a shop in Fethiye selling pork.
  3. C

    Smoking in the pork shop marina road didim

    Can anyone tell me when the law changed allowing smoking in a food shop? i must of missed it as everytime i go into the PORK SHOP on the marina road they are sitting in a cloud of smoke.? I am an non smoker who doesnt usually care about smoking,but this is a food shop selling open food ie cheese...
  4. Firefox

    Pork Kills You

    Its official God has been saying it Via the jewish religion 5500 years ago then Islam 1435 years Now the Experts;- Sausage Cancer Threat Highlighted By Experts
  5. G

    Pork Shop In Alanya

    Hi Is there still a shop selling pork products in Alanya? If so can someone let me know address? Thanks in advance for any info supplied.
  6. Carolyn

    M&S tell Muslim staff they can refuse to serve customers buying pork and alcohol

    What would you do if you were told to take your shopping (or elements of it) to another till because the cashier refuses to serve you pork or alcohol? I would leave all my shopping and walk out. Marks & Spencer tells Muslim staff they CAN refuse to serve customers buying alcohol or pork | Mail...
  7. yalimart

    Pulled Pork anyone ?

    Eugenio Freitas: Shopper caught masturbating in Sainsbury's meat aisle gets nationwide supermarket ban | Metro News I think I preferred horsemeat myself Martin
  8. abba

    Pork products from Porkynet

    Having read the article in The Bodrum Bulletin, I decided to pay a visit to the shop in Gumbet. A good range of frozen products and I purchased some smoked bacon from Greece and a pork tenderloin from England. Having tried both, I am impressed with the quality and also the pricing. Will be...
  9. J

    Opening times of Pork Shop in Altinkum?

    Hi there Does anybody know the opening hours of the pork shop of attaturk Thanks
  10. L

    Horse, donkey and pork....

    Just been watching the news and they are now reporting that pork has been found in some products too. I think this might offend more people than donkey! :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  11. mollag

    My pork ration for Turkey

    Our stock of very economical pork before we pack it for traveling :evil:
  12. K

    Illegal Pork

    To quell the rumours rapidly travelling around Altinkum the new PORK SHOP has NOT had 300kg of illegal pork confiscated.All our pork products are LEGALLY IMPORTED and we are OPEN for buisness as usual.I should like to take this oppertunity to thank all our regular customers for their support and...
  13. P

    New pork shop in Didim

    This opened today, it is next to Lush bar of AB and just above Sok it is on 445Sokak I went in a few things are in small manageable potions but most is in bulk. There price list came today, but guess what they are trying to sell to English market, but price list is in Turkish This...
  14. Yalides

    Pork shop n Marmaris

    Is there a shop selling pork products in or around the Marmaris area please as we will be there this weekend coming and need to know whether to take the cool box or not. Won`t be going as far as Calis or Fethiye. Got told off for asking the question elsewhere just to bump my post score...
  15. may

    pork butcher in Oba

    new pork butcher opened in Oba. On the window there is a big poster of the inside of a pig showing the different cuts of meat, similar to the posters in UK butchers and supermarkets. This new butcher is on 20. sokak
  16. O

    Pork Line Shops

    I am living in Kusadasi and we have a small shop where I get my sausage and bacon,he also used to sell pork chops,ham slices, Tinned Old Oak Ham,Cornbeef and a few other nice things, but on my last few visits he has had non of the later,so when I asked him he said he will not get them again till...
  17. jandj


    In Kusadasi we have Pork Lines a shop which sells bacon, sausages, gammon, pork chops etc. Is there a similar shop in the Izmir or Istanbul areas. Thank you
  18. F

    Fresh pork to buy?

    No scheduled trip to the UK any time soon. Does anyone know where I can get hold of pork products in Istanbul? Have been on a bit of a wild goose chase before. I mean normal products, not some sad excuse for what? Streaky bacon - in Migros
  19. butt007

    New Pork Shop

    Hi all, just found out a couple of days ago that a PORK shop has opened in Alanya about 2 weeks ago and I was told it is run by a Turkish man. This is where it is......walking along 25mtr st. in Oba direction till you reach traffic lights were the road YAYLA YOLU CAD. is on right hand...
  20. yalimart

    pork or puppies

    how would you feel if you found the meat from both animals side by side in your local supermarket ? Daily TV round-up – Eating puppy no worse than pork, says Hugh | TV News Extra Blog - Yahoo! TV UK I understand his point but it puts a new slant on carving the sunday joint ! not for me ...
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