1. juco

    Annoying BBC pop-up for breaking news

    Does anyone else get annoyed by that pop-up for breaking news on the BBC website , as you navigate around the website it pops up time and time again. This is how to get rid of it (I use adblock) 1st method...... On Windows this file is in Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and on Linux / OS X it's...
  2. S

    Lawn Pop-Up Sprinkler System

    Does anybody know whether there is anywhere in Datca that sells pop-up watering systems for lawns? Thanks
  3. mollag

    Intrusive popup

    I have got a really annoying advertising web sites butting into my surfing around TL, are they site sposored ads cos its really annoying? One is called Amphibi.
  4. Helenbodrum

    Anti-virus, spam, pop-up thingy???

    Hi All, can anybody help me - the Norton anti-virus package that came with my laptop is due to expire soon, and it says I have to buy a new one, which seems really expensive. Is this right? Does anybody know of any free versions I can get? Thanks v much Helen
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