1. S

    Now the EUs having a racist pop at Espana!!!

    Fury at eurozone chief Dijsselbloem's 'racist' remarks - BBC News Well let me tell this gringo something-we will fight him on our beautiful beaches over this, just as soon as we finish our 4 hour lunch
  2. Jaycey

    I Love my Pop Ups

    I keep getting this pop up - seems good value but has anybody actually tried it yet?
  3. flowerpotman

    pop ups

    This is for the computer wizards out there . I am using google chrome and run windows 8 just recently i can click a tab or button in a window and it opens another tab with advertising it has locked me from using internet banking as it wont take me past my first page login. if i close the new...
  4. Jaycey

    Pop Ups

    Every now and again this annoying pop up appears. There are no yes/no buttons and no escape. All I can do is move it as far off screen as possible or reboot. Can I download a blocker or is there another solution? Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  5. C

    my favourite pop singer and group.

    This is my favourite Turkish pop groups...:roundgrin Ahtapotlar (Akustik Version) (Zakkum) - YouTube who do you enjoy???/
  6. Talkinman

    Pop ups

    Hi to all I need some help with Pop ups that have started to appear on my laptop, This started a few days ago for no apparent reason they are either on the side of the screen the base of the screen or even full page. The full page ones are almost always asking me to take pert in a survey and...
  7. ted j

    Print pop up

    I keep getting a print pop up intermittantly appearing since re loading the lappy with windows 7 The closest thing I can find is the image below I don't have a printer connected , but this annoying message pops up thinking I want to print the page I have tried control panel administative...
  8. mollag

    xmas pop quiz 2

    Here we go, deja vu all over again. Thought a new thread like a fresh page :smartass: Do your bestest, we are off for some tucker in Turgutreis and as man may not live by bread alone, there may be a beverage, so cant promise common sense on our return------have at it :drum: 41 clergyman in...
  9. mollag

    Xmas pop quiz

    Nothing to do with xmas, just seems a xmassy thing and i enjoyed the catch phrase one, so heres a cryptic pop quiz, i hope you enjoy :36329ht5b 1 Nun toboggan--------Sister Sledge [a starter ] 2 Get paste from a tube 3 Elizabeth, Victoria, Mary 4 BA,BSc,B Eng 5 Stop Jock and Stop Jock 6...
  10. ceemac

    Turk court sentences pop star to write out lines

    A Turkish pop star has been sentenced to write out Turkey's lengthy national anthem along with a five page critique of it after a court found her guilty of casting ethnic slurs at a concert, newspapers said on Sunday. Here C
  11. ceemac

    Police detain Turkey's top pop star

    Very scant information about this as yet, but it would appear to have been a narcotics operation; 'ANKARA: Turkey's state-run news agency says police have detained Tarkan, Turkey's best-known pop star who makes top music charts worldwide, along with some other entertainers in Istanbul. The...
  12. C&G

    Creation of a pop culture - Turkish style

    I wonder how many of you are aware of a cultural phenomenon that is conquering the Middle East at the moment. For a change its roots are not in the US or Britain but the very country you share this Forum on: Turkey. Turkish soap operas are getting incredibly popular in the Middle East and their...
  13. Andy

    1970's Pop Quiz

    Quite a few people have asked for a 60's 70's, 80's or 90's pop quiz, so here is the 70's, hopefully easier than the last. Just name the singers of these hits. ? 1/ Your my 1st my last my everything. A No 1 2/ Don't let the sun go down on me. A NO 16 3/ Oh what a circus. A No 3 4/ Ladies...
  14. Andy

    Pop Quiz

    Now a POP quiz which our younger members can join in. :music: Haven't seen Ches lately come to think of it. 1/ Which Welsh female hit the charts in 2005 with the single CRAZY CHICK. 2/ Lonely was a number 1 hit for which American singer. 3/ The Sissor Sisters had a number 1 hit but which...
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