1. D

    Poorly cat

    :help:Hi All. Is there anyone who can give some advice/help please. We are out at our apt in Didim at the moment,and we always feed the stray cats that come into our complex.We have noticed that one of them has been limping badly since yesterday.It's front leg looks swollen and we think it might...
  2. kale

    Poorly dog

    Got a poorly dog 15 year old dog. Been to vets. Given antibiotic +steroids For breathing problem . Antibiotic finished which did help . Now today panting again , would like to see our own vet whose open to morrow but can visit emergencie vet today , would you think she will be ok till...
  3. Minajayne

    Poorly Gardenya shrub

    Need some advice please...(my fingers are not the green type that are great with plants)...hubby bought a Gardenya shrub for the lounge from one of the Garden centres in Ortakent. It was just blooming when we brought it hime but within 2 days, all the flowers fell off and now the leaves are...
  4. Peaceplant

    Help İ'm poorly

    Universal Hospital plan? Of course we have not got around to sorting health insurance out because we are daft!! Now İ feel İ need checking over and know in the bigger cities you can get a body MOT for a reasonable sum. İ wondered if anyone knew of anything in the Bodrum area? İ am sure...
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