1. Struggs

    Poor Baby Giraffe

    Poor Baby Zebra Keepers 'devastated' after fireworks believed to have caused zebra's death at Noah's Ark https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/local-news/keepers-devastated-after-fireworks-believed-4687517 I do think it is about time that they ban the loud noisy ones, there has been fireworks...
  2. bickern

    EU accused of seeking to cut funds for poor

    EU accused of seeking to cut funds for poor. The European commission has been accused of seeking to cut EU funding for the continent’s poorest people by 50% to secure post-Brexit cost savings and extra funds for defence projects. Jacques Vandenschrik, the president of the European Food Banks...
  3. juco

    Poor TL exchange rate

    I was just thinking (probably badly) more for those that have smaller amounts of money in Turkish banks and have been caught out by the poor exchange rate if converting back to Sterling would it be wise to take some of the TL and buy gold in Turkey or is that just adding to the risk? Anyone got...
  4. H

    It's always the poor who suffer!

    BBC News - Aldi chocolate recalled in salmonella scare :p
  5. B

    Rich and Poor in the UK.

    What's on TV tonight? - Telegraph (How the rich get richer.) How top 3,000 earners pay more tax than bottom 9 million - Telegraph A programme at 20.00 tonight on channel 4 might be worth watching, it's linked to an article in The...
  6. Billy Joe

    Poor old Alex.

    From the scrapheap to the bonfire where did Alex go wrong,LMAO.Were the touchy feely police right to stop Alex being burned. Protest prevents effigies of Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond being burned as centrepiece of Lewes's Bonfire Night celebrations as children carry flaming tar barrels...
  7. G

    Poor Garys update

    Hi all, Following on from the drama that finally got Gary to Turkey, it hasn't ended there! We were both convinced that he was flying home tomorrow, Friday. It's even in my diary, so therefore it must be right! :nod: Not! Anyway, on Wednesday he was phoned by our friend who he had hired a car...
  8. M

    poor broadband service

    Having had a poor service from TTnet has anyone used Dsmart. If so, do they use the same exchange/equipment that TTnet use. I just want the internet service which is available at a similar price to TTnet. If they use the same equipment I would not be any better off. (In the UK, Sky etc used the...
  9. PASH

    Awww, poor wee lamb!

    Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his government could ban Facebook and YouTube, arguing that opponents are using social media to attack him. BBC News - Turkey PM Erdogan threatens to ban Facebook and YouTube Apologies, just noticed another thread running under heading you tube, similar...
  10. S

    Poor Marius

    Never liked zoos myself- then the Royal Family thread got me thinking about inbreeding. Old Windsors are lucky they are not living off their benefits in Denmark BBC News - 'Surplus' giraffe put down at Copenhagen Zoo
  11. shirleyanntr

    this poor dog

    my heart is bleeding for this poor animal captured by the Taliban and said to be a spy god knows what it will suffer at the hands of these ignorant savages what else can we call them when they deem an animal to be a spy Military dog captured by Taliban fighters | Stuff.co.nz
  12. niyaz

    Poor dog

    A dog saved a boy's life. Guide dog dies saving boy from car - CNN.com Video.
  13. juco

    Poor dog...

    This was in Adana... LiveLeak.com - Chained dog torture
  14. bickern

    Poor water vs rich water

    It is amazing the things we take for granted without a thought for how others cope with things they need purely to survive. Now and again I need a reality check to bring me back down to earth.
  15. R

    Poor barbara!,

    I see that the C. E. O. of Oxfam, Barbara Stocking has left her £119k job after many years. Barbara says that she did not consider her salary to be excessive. She pointed out that she had turned down salary increase for years. Well, I agree Barbara, how they expected you to live on a mere...
  16. B

    How to combat poor quality build.

    If you believe that your apartment is suffering from poor quality build what are you options and entitlement. In general under the Turkish Builders Code of Obligations most properties carry a general 5 year warranty. The court will hear an application after 5 years but will no doubt question...
  17. Freedom 49

    Poor little sod!

    Don't ever tell me again that Britain is a nation of pet lovers!! This poor little puppy got Mange, caused by a parasitic mite, when he was only 3 mths old. He remained untreated over the following 3 mths, so now, at only 6 mths of age, he's in this really sorry state! The owner has been put...
  18. luckycat68

    Poor Dolphins

    Thought I would share this taken today -- they hardly have enough room to swim around , surely something should be done about this ?
  19. lara

    Poor Kids - Heartbreaking

    I've just watched a programme on Channel 4 called Poor Kids, which was filmed through the eyes of children from three different families all living in poverty in the UK. The children spoke of their understanding of what 'poor' meant for them, how they were affected. These children were really...
  20. R

    complaining about poor food etc

    In Turkey if I have a poor meal, I don't mean a dead mouse/fly crawling out, just feeling a tad disappointed, I can't mention it. I would feel too embarrassed or worried I would offend or be misunderstood due to the language barrier. I suppose that is my inate Britishness??? Also if the...
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