1. R

    Swimming Pools

    Having read about illegal swimming pools recently. It seems that developers just built them with no planning permission and then when people tried to get habitation they are told the pool should not have been built surely it is the builder who flouted these laws who should put it right and bear...
  2. S

    Swimming pools ?

    I have a question about testing the purity of swimming pools having steered clear of them in the past preferring to swim in the sea. Is there a quick way to test a pool to see its clean as will be having kids to entertain over this summer and one is prone to ear infections etc. can someone...
  3. S


    Hi all, does anyone know if any pools are filled yet and is the Esra open and filled, Thankyou, Susi
  4. bickern

    Sultaniye pools demolished

    Today at Sultaniye, the two indoor pools have apparently been demolished,
  5. keny

    tip top pools

    Does anyone know if the company is still in business? Used to be on the industrial estate at the top of altinkum. Thanks if you can help
  6. T

    Leaky Pools - Recommendations Wanted

    I wonder if anyone has a recommendation of a company who can investigate and quote for the repair of a couple of leaking pools? We have several theories about what the problems are but obviously it would be best if we could get hold of a reliable company that could cast an expert eye over the...
  7. H

    Indoor swimming pools

    Anyone know if there are any hotels in alanya, or surrounding areas. with an indoor pool That is open to the public?
  8. E

    hotels with pools open to the public in Altinkum

    hi from north yorkshire , me and my girlfriend are visiting altinkum in june ,we were wondering if any of the hotels with large pools ,slides ect are open to the public ,we are staying at the mutlu , realy looking forward to our first holliday together :24:
  9. A

    Swimming pools in Izmir???

    Hello Everybody, Recently, I moved from Bornova to Göztepe, İzmir. I am studying and having an online job in the same time, so my obligations aren't allowing me to attempt some sport or physical activity regularly(daily or at least every second day). Therefore, I wonder if in İzmir, somewhere...
  10. K

    Swimming Pools in Izmir?

    Dear All, I moved here last Saturday and wanted to find out if there are any good swimming pools in Izmir that İ can go to? Need some healthy pregnancy exercıse! I can get around centre fairly easily so accessible by bus would be great.Too terrified to contemplate driving round town for a...
  11. J

    Indoor Pools

    I will be coming over to Altinkum later on in the month and knowing that the Complex Pool will now be empty, was wondering if there is a Facility which allows the use of an Indoor pool, which obviously I would pay for. Thanx In Advance.
  12. K

    Filling Pools in Akbuk

    We own 1 of 10 villas, each of which has its own swimming pool, on a small complex in Akbuk. Currently, we are looking at different ways of having the pools filled this month. Each pool holds approximately 39 cubic metres. So far we have been quoted 4-500 TL to have each pool filled by mains...
  13. A

    Illegal Pools

    Does anyone have an update with regard to the situation of illegal pools
  14. D

    Are there any pools open yet anywhere?

    Hi all...flying back out on Friday morning after a long cold dark winter during which i have remained slightly less insane than i sometimes feared i would end up as a result of taking out a fitness membership and swimming 40 lengths 3 times a week. In the past we've not found any open pools at...
  15. P

    Indoor swimming pools

    Hi there, as you may have seen from my previous threads we are travelling to Gumusluk over the christmas period to spend some time at our home at Aktas Evleri in Gumusluk. Can anyone tell me if there is an indoor pool anywhere that we could access - Yalikavak, Turgetreis or Bodrum - kids want...
  16. scotssteve

    Illegal pools

    Just back from the meeting in the mayors office with the FCO representative. Apparently the head of planning admitted that his staff had been aware of a number of illegal pools - but done nothing until recently. I read that as signing off on HC even when a pool had appeared which is not on the...
  17. A

    kusadasi pools

    Does anyone know if kusadasi pools is still open for business? KusadasiPools, Swimming Pool Company in Kusadasi, Turkey. They do not answer emails (not new) and now the phone number as stated on the website is inoperative. In May I bought an above ground pool (Intex) from them, which leaks...
  18. kernowians

    Illegal Pools

    Have been waiting for Voices to go on line to post this link Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Didim's glut of 'illegal' pools It will be interesting to hear the outcome with Ruby Hill as we have the same builder.
  19. Firebrand

    Place with pools in Dalaman

    Hi we are due to be over in August, and I was wondering if anyone knows of places that have a pool that you can use - ie if you use their restaurant type of thing. Thanks
  20. keny

    tiptop pools Altinkum

    Does anyone know where the TIPTOP POOLS are located in Altinkum or the phone number?Thank you if oyu can help
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