1. A

    Retiling a swimming pool

    Hi all, Can anyone give an approx cost to retile a swimming pool with mosaics? Looking at 2020 prices... or has anyone had this done who wouldn't mind giving us the cost? Size approx 6 metres by five with a 1.8 depth. Many thanks all!
  2. Kedi Yavrusu

    Swimming pool

    Has anyone had a swimming pool built? If so who did you use and roughly how much did it cost? Thanks
  3. BjornAndMahnaz

    Looking for rekomendations for managing a 14-24 villa site

    Hi Our site is looking for offers to manage our site 'Akbuk Beach Villas', it is 24 villas that is looking for someone to manage Gardens, pools and security. The site is located just after Kerem site with the big flag by the traffic lights on the road to didim (before Migros). If you are...
  4. Justin

    Pool Cover

    Hi just curious if there is anybody out there supplying swimming pool (small plunge pool) covers? I searched a few years ago and couldn't find anybody but that was a few years ago.
  5. S

    Didim- pool signage etc

    Just getting round to doing the pool for the start of the season and am intending to get new signage and fencing. I would be grateful for any info re location/ names where I could source such items plus any info re pricing if you have recent experience in this area of pool maintenance.
  6. willip

    Swimming pool tax

    We’ve been informed that it’s possible we have to start paying a tax for having a swimming pool on our site Sunset bay, an inspector is coming out on Tuesday to measure up the pool plus flat underneath area as the tax amount will be charged on this. Has anyone else heard about this or started...
  7. L

    Pool depth.

    I recently read,on another forum,about pools being limited to a depth of 1.3 metres and those deeper than that had to be changed to meet this criteria or provide an on duty life guard.My first instinct was to think that this is a wind up or early April fool prank but on refection,thinking (TIT)...
  8. A

    Swimming pool - cost

    Evening everyone: just wondering has anybody had a swimming pool installed recently in the dalaman area? I know it will be difficult to give costings as there will be lots of variables. However, any examples of costs/sizes? Any recommendations?
  9. G

    Seydikemer - Pool and Garden Maintenance

    Does anyone know of someone, or a reliable firm, that provides pool and garden maintenance in the Seydikemer area. I need someone that I communicate with from the UK as I'm only in Turkey a couple of times a year.
  10. A

    I have an inground pool with a liner. Can I make it a pool without a liner?

    I have an inground pool with a liner. Can I make it a pool without a liner? Please suggest me!!!
  11. H

    Pool tile suppliers

    Hi Trying to source some replacement tiles for our pool as I need to remove the top approx 30cm of tiles on one part of the pool and I doubt they can be removed in one piece. Pool is in Kalkan, looking for online or local suppliers with a good range of pool tiles. thanks
  12. S

    Heated swimming pool in hotel

    Does anyone know of any hotels or apartments that have an indoor heated swimming pool in the Alanya vicinity. And open now and the winter months?
  13. oldfogy

    Meet-up at Mavi Kitchen and Pool

    If anyone wishes to join us On Saturday 10TH June for dinner @ 8pm at Mavi Kitchen and pool for a special Rooftop Sunset and Lamb Shank dinner priced at 40TL including a choice from a couple of starters. Order will also be being taken from the main menu for those none meat eater and people who...
  14. S

    Cost of LED pool lights

    Hi has anyone an idea what the cost of LED pool lights are. Also roughly how much it would be to have them fitted. Thanks Sarahlou
  15. S

    Pool clean

    Can anyone recommend a reliable pool cleaning and maintenance company in the tuzla/dorteppe region please.
  16. T

    pool maintance costs survey

    Hi all, Can you all please post what you are paying for swimming pool service? Please post if it is weekly, twice a week, etc... Thanks!!!
  17. dearsley

    Swimming pool

    Hi Does anyone have experience of building a swimming pool from scratch (or possibly renovating an old pool)? I have been in touch with one Kusadasi based company but want a second quote. Thanks for any help you can give. George
  18. hayabusa

    Pool Chemicals

    Is there a place near Koycegiz who sell Swimming Pool chemicals ?...... Last time I had to go to Fethiye to get these. There must be a nearer place than that with the amount of pools people have in Dalaman, Dalyan and Koycegiz..... Please advise if you know.
  19. D

    Hotel pool charges ?

    If your visiting a hotel pool for the day what would you expect to pay ? So 2 adults 1 child going to use a pool,eat drink and be merry for the day on a hotel with Typical b n b basis 3 star. Interested
  20. M

    Pool maintenance

    Hello everybody, I have a house in Kadikalesi and I need someone to make pool maintenance. Do you know someone around Turgutreis or Gümüslük that could help me ? Thank you very much for your information.
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