1. yalimart

    Turkish Living or not poll

    Lets have a poll on who does or doesn't Martin
  2. S

    Diy poll

    I was thinking of having a poll /survey just to check how many talented diyers we have on here I mean SOME of us have just whizzed through decorating 2 bedrooms and a bathroom in just under a fortnight and despite the break neck speed -to quite a reasonable standard, 6/10 I believe the big...
  3. christella

    in or out EU poll

    lets have a poll it will interesting to see
  4. tykatem

    TLF - UK General Election voting poll

    With just under 36 days to the General Election who will you be voting for. This is a totally scientific poll held to TLF standards, ie not scientific at all. Just a quick snapshot of where the TLF readership stands. Feel free to post your reason(s) for voting as you have done in the TLF...
  5. stmary

    deed poll

    A mate of mine who lives in uk has changed she name by deed poll , from Janet smith , and also out her maiden name added too , goes by the name Jan white smith . Her passport now says this and driving licence banks etc here in uk She i worried because everything in turkey is in Janet smith ...
  6. newhorizon

    Turkey Poll

    As the forum is 10 years old and increasing number of UK media news threads was wondering how many people still reside or visit Turkey? have holiday homes, sold holiday homes, moved out of Turkey back to birthplace (wherever that is UK?) moved to another country? or never moved to Turkey at all?
  7. catweazle

    Committee/Pool Poll

    I would like to know how many complexes have committee`s and Pool licenses in place? i would just be interested to know if it is a minority that have these in place or not. This is because we have no pool license or committee and a few seem to think why bother no one else has.
  8. B

    Afghan Poll.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-26893972 Despite threats of intimidation and violence from the Taliban, millions of Afghans have turned out to cast their votes in this historic election. There are reports of poll fraud in some areas and some violence, but the election overall seems to...
  9. Sunny Seasider

    Alcohol Ban in Turkey Poll

    Following a suggestion on the thread (" Would you still go to Turkey if there was a total ban on Alcohol") to start a poll, here it is.
  10. P

    Israel/Palestine poll.

    Given the present conflict in the middle east where do your allegiances lie.
  11. altinkum kev

    Altinkum crime poll

    This poll is about crime in Altinkum ,it may be used if we can get a meet with the chief of police to complain about all the break in etc. Dont know if you will be able to access if not on facebook but do try. Leaving Facebook... | Facebook
  12. arrian


    i see there is a poll running 'sounds like a good idea' but i have no idea what it is about! any clues anyone??
  13. Andy

    New Business Name Poll

    Sorry for those names not mentioned but i have narrowed it down to 17 from a huge list, thank you all for participating.
  14. perfect1949

    a poll on where to meet on the 24th of sep

    KARADUT in gumusluk , or OQO in yalikavak , dave
  15. C

    The mini bar voters poll in Fethiye- does it show the way?

    As you will have all voted by now..what will this result look like in retrospect? Defying pre-election predictions and opinion polls, Britain’s governing Labour Party secured an astonishing victory in a closely fought general election held Tuesday. At least among a handful of expatriate...
  16. Squeaky

    Public says ‘yes’ to constitutional reform, poll shows

    Good evening: The results of a public survey have revealed that approximately 69 percent of the public demands judicial reform and about 62.5 percent of the public will say “yes” to change if it is presented in a referendum Link to full article: Public says ‘yes’ to constitutional reform...
  17. Squeaky

    Poll shows Turkish public longs for legal reform, new constitution

    Good afternoon: I noticed this in my paper today and was hoping someone else would post something about it but as none has appeared so far have decided to do it myself. Poll shows Turkish public longs for legal reform, new constitution I suspect that a lot of viewers will pooh pooh it because...
  18. Martyn

    Moving to Turkey - poll

    I have been asked by a member to post this as he wanted me to set a poll up. ___________________________________________________ Hi all We have now decided that we are going to make the move to Turkey next year, and although we have what think is a good idea of how much money is needed for us...
  19. KKOB

    Best Christmas Tune - Poll

    We've not had a poll for somewhile, so here's a Festive Season one.
  20. ceemac

    Edinburgh Tops Poll

    Edinburgh has been voted top in a list of British cities to "see before you die". More C
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