1. Angela Stansfield

    Poisonings Akbuk

    Many animals have been poisoned in Akbuk. Yaser is in Akbuk treating as many animals as people are bringing. Both dogs and cats have been poisoned. Please be on your guard and if you see an animal that doesnt look well, chances are it has been poisoned so please contact the clinic or get it...
  2. luckycat68

    Warning - dog poisonings

    Have just been to Fulya - our vet and whilst I was there a couple came in very upset as their dog had been poisoned early this morning and apparantly 3 more dogs - all dogs dead ! This happened in the Kudur area of Yalikavak - so PLEASE be vigilant when walking your dogs in this area:excl:
  3. N

    MORE Poisonings

    I'm so fed up and annoyed .. A few months ago, 2 dogs were poisoned and they both died, a few days ago a cat and a dog died, yesterday Spike (neighbors dog) got poisoned but luckily they called the Vet straight away, he is ok now. Today next doors little puppy ate some poison they called the...
  4. Phil Johns

    Update Didim Dog Poisonings

    Apart from the fact that this forum is looking a bit like Cruff's tonight.Sue and I would like all of you for your kind words throughout the week, on screen and pm's I will just say that there are good indications that those responsible for not only Diefer's death but many others, will be held...
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