1. A89

    Food poisoning from Dim Çayı.

    Regulars here may have noticed I've been very quiet here lately. I was rushed into hospital last week after getting a very bad case of food poisoning. I had to give a list of all foods I'd eaten in the previous 48 hours to the hospital that treated me & they worked out that it could only have...
  2. S

    Dog poisoning - be prepared

    If you have dogs, I recommend you keep a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the house. It may save your dog's life. BacktoBodrum: Poison
  3. S

    Food poisoning

    Not a good start to a holiday, hope they all had insurance! LOCAL - Food poisoning lands scores of tourists in Bodrum hospital Sara
  4. T

    Recommended dentists in Izmir; food poisoning

    Hi- Does anyone have an English speaking dentist in Izmir they would recommend for dental work? I need a crown replacement. Also, I think I have a bit of food poisoning so I went to the eczane today and they gave me something called Famoser Famotidin, but it isn't medicine for food poisoning...
  5. butt007

    Konakli Beledeyer poisoning animals

    I have been told that Konakli beledeyer have been putting poison down to get rid of the feral cats and dogs in the area, sorry I don't know exactly whereabouts in Konakli.......but BEWARE. I was told this by a guy this morning apparently his dog ate something and it was dead the next day he...
  6. flowerpotman

    Poisoning in Koycegiz

    I have just had a distressing conversation with Aysel. She informed me that a stray that she had taken in ( tiny as some of you may remember as she was looking for a home for him) has died from poisoning.She is as you can imagine distraught at 3 oclock your time she rang me and we videod on msn...
  7. Harem

    Another poisoning

    Villa Rhapsody have lost yet another pet to poisoning. Fifi has now died. Sometimes I think there is something to be said for living with other ex-pats.
  8. D

    Dog poisoning in Bitez

    My wish here is not to start another debate on street dogs, but I have heard reports today that several dogs have been poisoned around the Bitez beach area. Please can you take extra care when walking your dogs in this area. Dave.
  9. luckycat68

    Yalikavak dog poisoning

    Today was a sad day for me as one of the lovely dogs who i have fed for 5 years was poisoned during the night - made his way to our restaurant garden ( must have known i would help ) and had a slow painful death - My husband ( Turk but animal lover ) put him into our car and rushed him to the...
  10. luckycat68

    Dog Poisoning

    Look after your dogs in Yalikavak -- A lovely pointer dog was poisoned yesterday morning in Yalikavak village Please be aware of this and look out for the dogs Most of the dogs are street dogs but they DO NOT deserve this treatment ! My own dog Cassie was poisoned this time last year but...
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