1. Spurs

    Nil points

    Since Wogan left its never been the same. I tell you this though, its some bloody achievement to get banned from the Eurovision Song Contest, that alone deserves a trophy & a cheque. :77wu: Romania expelled from Eurovision Song Contest - BBC News
  2. newhorizon

    F1 -2015 Championship Points

    After the first race in Australia where only 11 of the 15 drivers finished here are the points so far after RACE #1 out of 20 Races. Drivers 1 LEWIS HAMILTON GBR MERCEDES Mercedes car 25 2 NICO ROSBERG GER MERCEDES Mercedes car 18 3 SEBASTIAN VETTEL GER FERRARI Ferrari car 15 4 FELIPE MASSA...
  3. newhorizon

    F1 -2014 Championship Points

    After the first race in Austrailia (and Red Bull's Daniel Ricardo's disqualification due to fuel flow sensor of 2nd Place -update Red Bull have appealed hearing is on 14 April) this is how the points are looking at the moment:- Drivers 1 Nico Rosberg German Mercedes 25 2 Kevin Magnussen...
  4. newhorizon

    F1 -2013 Championship Points

    With 3 races completed so far in 2013 this is how the Driver's Championship is shaping up and the Constructors. Drivers 1 Sebastian Vettel German Red Bull Racing-Renault 77 2 Kimi Räikkönen Finnish Lotus-Renault 67 3 Lewis Hamilton British Mercedes 50 4 Fernando Alonso Spanish Ferrari...
  5. newhorizon

    F1 -2012 Race & Points update

    With 20 races this season after 17 races this is how the points look so far: Driver's Championship 1 Sebastian Vettel German Red Bull Racing-Renault 240 2 Fernando Alonso Spanish Ferrari 227 3 Kimi Räikkönen Finnish Lotus-Renault 173 4 Mark Webber Australian Red Bull...
  6. S

    A few points

    Before I dissapear again with mods permission I would like to take this fleeting visit to put a few things straight 1 I am NOT Firefox, Sunpide ( big girl) Supra etc etc- much as I have enjoyed reading that I am 2 I am not the owner of a flatulence named new car- big girl dont tell tales on...
  7. turkishknashers

    vocher codes & boots points

    i have been internet shopping all day to avoid the town and thought i would share some of my money saving with you all whatever you buy and whoever it is from, open a new tab before you pay and type in 'voucher codes for (blah blah ) sometimes they come up with money off sometimes for free...
  8. S

    Bad boy points!!!

    I seem to be picking up bad boy points like confetti today I am told if I post something that someone finds insulting its a bad boy point, HOWEVER if someone posts an insult to me (which I reported) it doesnt count??? Its all highly amusing I know but ffs get it together and have some consistency
  9. Yogi

    Easyjet Accept Nectar Points

    Just got an email from Easyjet this morning saying they now accept Nectar points as payment towards flights. Don't know any details yet but might be able to use this and save a few quid on any flights with them.
  10. Mushtaq

    Turkey Gains "0" Points on Gender Equality - Again

    According to the women's association KA.DER, Turkey failed once more in the report on "Inequality in the Representation of Women and Men in Turkey". Women are not included in decision making mechanisms, KA.DER criticized. With their fourth performance report on the "Inequality in the...
  11. Y

    Migros Yali Money Card Points

    Hi, I often use Migros online shopping service, when you register they give you a virtual Money card to collect points. (If you don't already have a money card) I have been using this virtual card for about 14 months. Does anybody know how I redeem my points/check how many I have? I have looked...
  12. shirleyanntr

    points thanks and other bits and peices.

    i feel the forum needs to have a look at the thanks and points system. Who started the most threads and who has been thanked the most or who makes the most thanks etc . İs there a need to see that huge list of who has thanked who underneath a post. i feel sometimes that people press the...
  13. KKOB

    Migros Points

    Don't forget that you need to redeem your Migros Points by 31st January 2010, or you'll lose them.
  14. tomc1984

    Garanti points

    Just used Garanti card for shopping in Migros, earned some bank points, anybody any idea what you do with these and what they are worth please. As Brucie said, what do points make?
  15. P

    Rep Points (again?)

    I love the rep points thing yep, the thanks button is quite good for the odd visible sign acknowledging a good post (its just a shame you cant put a "sarcastic" sign to show that it was a daft one!!). Still cant have everything Now, as for the rep points! sometimes I spread them round like...
  16. tinkycarol

    Stickers given out by Tansas - loyalty points?

    Hi, couldn't think where else to put this. When I was food shopping in Tansas the cashier sometimes gave out a tiny sticker (smaller than a Green Shield stamp...eons ago if you remember). No use to me so I gave to the person behind me. Now wondering what they were - do supermarkets in Turkey...
  17. rosewall1

    speeding points on licenses

    My husband has got himself a speeding fine plus 10 points on his Turkish license, has anyone any idea how long these remain on his license?
  18. luckycat68

    Bad Rep points

    Can any one tell me how to find out WHO has given bad rep points ( red dot ) -- Or can you never find out ?? Thanks
  19. bickern

    find and connect to open WiFi points

    Easy WiFi Radar Some things in life should be free. Easy WiFi Radar helps you find and connect to open wireless access points with a single mouseclick. It's WiFi for Dummies. And we're giving it away for your PC. Easy...
  20. Andy

    100 Free Nectar Points

    Just put in your card number & thats it. Nectar Code
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