1. Spurs

    Just pointless

    Is anything worth doing this? RIP. Man charged over murders of Michael and Majorie Cawdery - BBC News
  2. S

    Pointless govt advertising!!!

    I know govts endlessly waste money but one particularly condescending, patronising totally pointless advert is running here in Belfast currently. Its an advert telling parents to help kids with their homework/ reading!!!! Ffs parents who don't help their kids aren't going to do so because of...
  3. S

    Pointless polls

    There sure are some pointless polls posted on here but the current one must surely take the prize. What a load of tosh
  4. jaimie

    pointless post??

    Hi Everyone, Just a quickie (no change there then;) ) I often see on here people moaning about Turkey, and worried about what's happening there etc. etc. Personally speaking, I can't wait to get back out there, I love England; it's my country; but I love being in Turkey too. Just thought I...
  5. McDHibs

    Pointless thread of the night Mark 2

    Hi All me again Panda's I mean whats the point of a Panda, they eat bamboo? and need British Airways to have sex but only if they feel like it and nine times out of ten they dont. If I was getting a free flight I would at least make an effort, but not the Panda. Im all for animal preservation...
  6. McDHibs

    Pointless thread of the night

    Hello all as the general election gave us a nothing vote how about a vote that matters. Tin foil shiny side up or dull side up or if wrapping something up shiny side in or out. I dont just want a simple shiny or dull I need reasons for your choice. This has been a thing in the back of my head...
  7. S

    Unwinnable pointless war

    Asked if the US was winning in Afghanistan, Mr Obama replied: "No." Source BBC News Many many have been saying this for a long time. How come it takes those at the top so long to get it!
  8. L


    Click the link below and see how pointless it is You have to click until the end so dont worry. CLICK HERE
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