1. G


    Just a Quickie, is a Power of Attorney drawn up in the UK valid in Turkey? mainly for Property and bank account access
  2. Z

    Lawyer/ client contract terms

    Hi everyone, I am about to hire a lawyer in Istanbul and give POA to him to carry an inheritance case on my behalf ( I am not in the country). But I want to know what to keep in mind and be aware of when signing the agreement. One thing I am worried about is if I need to terminate his service...
  3. G

    How do I cancel a Turkish POA

    I am in copenhagen. I gave a POA and now I want to cancel (revoke)it. In the US, this is possible by writing an email to the holder of the POA. What do I need to do for the POA to be cancelled if I do not travel to turkey?
  4. Jaycey

    POA to emlak

    A few years ago we (foolishly) gave POA to an emlak confirming that he had our permission to rent out our apartment. We subsequently realised that he was a shyster of the first water and was pocketing much of our income under the guise of ‘expenses’ etc etc. When we confronted him he refused to...
  5. C

    POA , selling

    Hello all, I have never posted before but I have read your forum over the years and gained great advice. I have tried searching the forum for my question but can't seem to get an answer & wondered if anyone on here would be able to advise? I am arranging to set up POA from the UK to sell my...
  6. S

    Turkish Will or POA?

    I was intending to visit a lawyer on my next visit to Turkey in order to set up a Turkish will. Friends in Turkey who are in a similar situation to myself have not gone down this road preferring instead to give POA to trusted family relatives. I was dubious about such a move but was amazed on...
  7. juco

    Cost of POA in the UK

    Decided to finalise POAs over each other in the UK, and we complain about rip offs in Turkey! We have done our own POA mainly because my wife is fully conversant with them having worked with them for years. So we get it done and now a solicitor or doctor has to sign it before registering at the...
  8. W

    Turkish Will v POA

    Would welcome advice from those who have had experience of tying up affairs in Turkey following the death of spouse who is joint named on TAPU and bank account. A dear friend of mine died in January in the UK and his wife is over in Turkey at present dealing with property and banking issues. She...
  9. N


    Hello everyone My wife and I are both in the UK at the moment But I need to have a poa from her to go to turkey to change something on our tapu Please advise how should I go about it Cheers Jim
  10. martin m

    Selling property in Turkey via POA - could this help you?

    Hi all. I have been hoping to be able to write this for several weeks now, and at last I can, we have sold our apartment and the cash is in the bank, but as much as that is the headline news, just as importantly for people who just cannot find the time I have done it by POA, with someone I had...
  11. L


    Hi All, We are having a POA drawn up in the UK along with applying for an Aposille at Turkish Embassy as neither of us involved lives in UK we would appreciate any positive feedback I have had various different feedback in regards to what is required that I was hoping someone may have done this...
  12. D

    Notary or solicitor for POA?

    Just a quick question- I am selling a house in Bodrum, but am unable to get over there, so am making the agent POA. I have the POA form ready, but do I get it signed by a notary or a solicitor, before sending to the FCO? many thanks
  13. G


    Is it possible to give POA to someone to sell your car MA reg?
  14. B

    sold my property-what next , shall I geta POA?

    Hi I agreed a sale on my property in euros a couple of weeks ago. I am concerned now whether to go through with it because I will be getting less than I thought because the way the euro is going. If I do go through with it ,what is the process? Will it be ok to do POA from the UK? If so...
  15. E

    P.o.a. possible for buyer and seller?

    A friend of mine wants to sell her apartment and has found a (non Turkish) buyer for it. However, not living in Turkey herself, the question she has is whether it is possible to give power of attorney to one and the same person in Turkey to represent both the buyer and the seller to carry out...
  16. Mushtaq

    How to grant POA (power of attorney) from UK

    Guide to granting a Power of Attorney (POA) from UK to use in Turkey. 1. Prepare your POA document in English, here is a sample for granting POA for selling your property in Turkey. 2. Find a local Notary Public (Google 'notary public') fees I found to be around £50-£100 for a simple...
  17. mollag

    POA options

    Looking for some advice on POA's. If i have a person as POA for the signing of an hipotek initially and due to delays the POA lapses, can i then sign for the lifting of the hipotek on my own behalf ? Cheers
  18. R

    Selling house and not having POA living in Uk

    Hello I am going to put my house up for sale soon in Akbuk, Turkey, and have decided not to give anyone else POA to sell it on my behalf now. I will fly out when it sells myself and sign what needs to be sigened. Will I only have to fly back to Turkey once? On the day I have to sign over the...
  19. DAN62

    Advice needed - cancelling POA

    Hi, could someone tell me how much does it cost to cancel a power of attorney in turkey. Thanks
  20. M

    Cancelling a power of attorney (abuse of POA)

    Has anybody cancelled a power of attorney. A friend of mine who is very elderley gave power of attorney to an estate agent!!!!! The problem is after it was cancelled the estate agent sold his flat. What I need to know is if it was cancelled before the sale of agreement was signed who now owns...
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