1. A

    New years swİm (plz read)

    Sadly this years official swim has been cancelled due to a legal issue, but we will have it all sorted out ready for next year, İf you still want to have a dip plz turn up and then the local afterwards as normal for fun a drinks and food allan
  2. staceman

    Info on area plz

    Hi All been away for a while, saving pennies, but are back on the house hunt. We are coming over again in October half term but would like some info on Uzumlu & Kalkan areas, ie propertys & prices. Done a bit of research & am i right in thinking Uzumlu is quite a lot cheaper that Kalkan? Also...
  3. A

    plz help

    i am not a turkish citizen. i just moved to antalya turkey. i v a master degree in english plus i used to work as an english teacher in my country. i am looking for a nanny job in antalya but i don't know how can i get it. is there anybody can help? i will be grateful. :angel::angel:
  4. C

    Flights "Urgent help" needed Plz !!

    we booked flights with custom flights 8 days 9th Oct - 17th Oct -Manchester to Dalaman. 4 people We have had 3 changes so far to the return flights which were origonally - DLM - MAN - 17th Oct - 02:40 -charter flight (6 hr return) they changed to - DLM - MAN - 17th Oct - 00:50 -charter flight...
  5. C

    Techie help plz !!

    Hi I am hoping someone knows the answer to this. I am mid swing of installing Windows back to daughters lappy (her hdd fried so new one) I have got to the point where it asks for the KEY but I cannot input it as it wont allow me to put in numbers I hit the 2 key i get " i have tried everything...
  6. L

    Apartment & Info plz

    I will be attending a ''Tomer'' course in Izmir for one month March 09 I require accomodation near Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. No: 55 Alsancak - İZMİR does anyone know a good honest Emlak (?) or a contact whom I can approach. I previously posted on Izmir forum(thx) and have now confirmed my course...
  7. R


    i donna anything about this website! i dont even know where im posting this!!! but its very very important for me to know this! on 23rd of jan , rachaelstarr's going to perform in champagne club/istanbul. im plannin to attend but i dont know about the price, address and none of my frnds are...
  8. L

    Visitors visa for turkish BF - advise plz

    I'm living in Altinkum and have been with my boyfriend for sometime now, we're planning to go to England for a holl at the end of season to see my family n friends. Just wanted some advise on applying for a visitors visa for my BF. Army not an issue and he owns one of the boats that does the...
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