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    Hi All. Is Plex piping (or similar bendable pipes) available in Turkey? Kusadasi area preferably. Many thanks B
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    Plumbing advice plug waste

    Hi Looking to change my plugs for this year to pop ups in the bathroom . No problem and will bring out and fit myself . Does anybody know the bore size of the waste pipe which connects direct to the bathroom plug . I think uk size is 40 mm but I now Turkish is smaller ,any ideas please TIA
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    Plumbing problem

    Hi, I currently have water damage on my ceiling and the plumber has identified the source of the problem, in the upstairs flat bathroom. The owner upstairs does not want to fix the issue until his cousin visits but the cousin never comes and the problem is getting worse, what can I do? None of...
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    Plumbing Query

    Hi Does anyone know the outlet dia. of a standard Turkish toilet?
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