Are all plumbers porn stars?

    With the recent poor weather I have just recently turned off my boiler, closed the valves and enabled the water valve for the solar heating on my roof. Over the past few days and despite sunny afternoons my hot water is lukewarm at best.The panels are three years old and all the connections...
  2. niamh

    Any plumbers on here?

    Sorry this isn't really DIY but wasn't sure where else to put it. I recently put blue blocks in my upstairs toilet cisterns, a couple days later blue water came through the hot water (on a mixer tap) in the downstairs kitchen. I hot a plumber in who pretty much chuckled at my predicament and...
  3. culturevulture

    Plumbers' Putty....???

    I have a small pin-hole in the bottom of the hot water boiler/tank. I believe this can be temporarily fixed with "plumbers' putty". Can anyone tell me what it is known as in Turkish, please? Mary. P.S. Is this type of putty easy to work with?? All tips on the mixing, application and...
  4. L

    plumbers and joiners

    does anyone know of a good plumber and joiner in the bodrum area? we need a new kitchen and bathroom sometime soon but dont know anyone who could help. we`ll get units etc from koctas or likewise, couldnt afford to have them made for us. need a good price!!!
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