1. A

    Plumber required in Altinkum

    My parents are out in our house near didim The hot water is not running so they need a plumber any contact details please.
  2. J

    turkish plumber

    turkish plumber required in kusadasi for a few small jobs that works for turkish wages
  3. J


    i am looking for a plumber who can speak english do do some work has anyone got a name and tel no
  4. Mary Gambrell

    Good plumber needed in Altinkum

    Anyone in Altinkum know a good plumber to take out a Jacuzzi disspose of it and to fit a enclosed shower unit. Dave
  5. C

    Plumber required Mahmutlar

    Please can anyone help. Require a plumber to refurb shower room. Family flat needs updating. In UK now, but coming to Alanya 13th May.
  6. bickern

    Judge refuses to jail woman plumber who glassed nightclubber who smiled at her

    I can hardly believe this, the innocent guy who smiled at her was apparently "in the wrong place at the wrong time" This comes on top of the girls who beat up a woman were let off because as Muslims they were not used to drink. Judge refuses to jail woman plumber who glassed nightclubber who...
  7. L

    Decent plumber in Yalikavak?

    You would think that after all the years we have had our house in Yali that we would know a decent plumber,..... but no. Any help from you guys out there would much be appreciated, our hot water boiler tank on our roof has ruptured again. Cant find a decent plumber....... Loosing the will to...
  8. arrian


    don't know if there are any plumbers or anyone who knows about central heating on here, but thought i'd ask!! one of my radiators has been switched off via the thermostat but hasn't gone off, still heating up, can anyone tell me how to correct this, as getting a plumber to come out is almost...
  9. F

    Can you recommend a good plumber?

    Hi all Our plumber is moving away & we need a replacement...any recommendations? Thanks Fazile
  10. M

    Is there a reliable plumber out there?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know of a reliable, not expensive plumber in Datca? Marguerit's sister & brother also have a house in Datca and have 'sprung a leak' and need help. If you know anyone and have a phone No. please PM us. Thanks
  11. ceemac

    Clever Plumber

    A plumber with a sense of humour..... C
  12. T

    Painter and Plumber in Alanya

    Hi all Trust you're all having a great day/evening. I have a quick question. Does anyone know a reputable painter as well as a plumber in the Alanya area. I would prefer someone you may have used or has been recommended by you. My agent had suggested some people but you know from previous...
  13. C

    Plumber wanted in Yalikavak

    Does anyone know of a reputable plumber who speaks (some) English around the Yalikavak area? Do they tend to charge a callout charge in Turkey or would it only be if we hired them to undertake the work? Thanks
  14. jane2005

    Plumber needed urgently.

    Does anyone know of a decent plumber in the Kusadasi area. A plumber that actually turns up would be good. I have waited in 2 days for a plumber. Any reccommendations would be good. Thanks.
  15. Bubbafella

    Plumber Wanted

    Hi everyone, anyone know of a good plumber in the Side/Colakli/Kumkoy/Manavgat area. I have a Villa in Colakli not far from Kumkoy and want the Jaccuzi removing and a double shower put in with a large screen. The floor is tiled but not sure if it would need replacing with a "wet room floor"...
  16. D

    Good plumber in Gumusluk area?

    Does anyone know of a good english speaking plumber in Gumusluk area? Im going out there beginning of May, and I need to get a water heater fitted in the bathroom asap. I could really do with an email address of one if possible, then I can arrange for him to be there for when we arrive.I would...
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