1. T

    Turksih equivalent to rawl plugs

    Hi All In the UK when I drill into brick I use a rawl plug to secure the screw - but the bricks are, of course, solid. The Turkish villa's bricks are (I assume) hollow, so once I drill into the brick what is the equivalent thing to use? Or do people just use normal rawl plugs? (I am not...
  2. arrian

    Moulded plugs?

    i've just taken delivery of a new microwave cooker and it has a moulded plug on it. as my old microwave is on the wall, and the socket underneath the worktop, i just removed the plug, threaded it through the hole in the worktop, and put the plug back on. but it wasn't a moulded plug! it is safe...
  3. tomc1984

    Changing plugs

    Using loads of adapters on things brought from UK, is it easy enough to change plugs to Turkish ones, what about earthed 3 pin ones?
  4. S

    latest technology-talking plugs !

    In my quest to find more and more energy efficient products and services for my development at lagoon view, i have been introduced to a chap called Matt Davis, Matt ownes a company called United Access, he has a licenceing agreement with a Canadian company who have invented a talking plug ...
  5. ted j

    Electric Plugs Tip

    For Everyone Who Doesn't Live Permanently In Turkey, (just Holidays In Their Villa/Apartment), Instead Of Keep Using Adaptors, Or Changing Plugs On Hairdriers, Laptops, Etc. Just Buy In The UK, A 3-4 Way Extension And Just Change The 3 Pin Plug On The "Plug In" End To 2 Pin, And Leave In Your...
  6. M

    Electric Plugs

    I would like some information concerning the wiring in the Turkish two pin plugs. Instead of using UK adaptors, I am considering that it might be more sensible to remove a UK plug and replace it with a Turkish one. Having said that, I have not taken a Turkish plug apart to inspect the...
  7. newhorizon

    Bedlinen, bed sheets etc and turkish plugs

    Hi, I am buying a property in Altinkum due to be completed this month and wondered what items such as bed sheets, bed covers etc are better to buy in Turkey? or buy in UK? My intention is to use the property for rentals too eventually. I have bought a duvet pack in UK contains mattress...
  8. P

    change plugs

    can you take off a english plug and put on a turkish plug and if you can how is it wired up any diagrams ,hubbie will not touch anything electric i have to do it :embarasse
  9. G

    Electrical Plugs - Changing 3 pin to 2 pin and vice versa

    My question is ... Are UK 3 pins plugs and Turkish/continental 2 pin plugs interchangeable so that I don't need to use a conveter plug.. For example, we have a present from Turkey (Large Pizza Grill) which is connected with a 2 pin plug. Can I easily fit a 3 pin plug instead for use in England...
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